The benefits of the whirlpool

The benefits of the whirlpool

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Let's find out what thebenefits of the whirlpooland in which cases it can be more useful. How do i benefits based on the water temperature.

Hydromassage is popular for providing relaxation and supporting physical well-being. What is it about? The pressure of the water is used to trigger a movement of the tissues.

Hydromassage cannot in any way be considered a mere passive exercise because the pressure stimulus of the water comes into constant contact with the tissues. Without considering the implications related to the thermal gradient (temperature difference between body and water). For these reasons it can be said that the whirlpool brings more benefits compared to classic passive gymnastics.

Hydromassage benefits

Let's talk about benefits general related to the pressure stimulus of water at different temperatures. Hot water at temperatures of about 37/38 ° C promotes circulation and relaxes the muscles. Useful in post-exercise to encourage faster muscle rest. Cold water can increase blood pressure, giving tone and greater elasticity to the tissues.

The massaging pressure of the water is useful for preventing circulatory problems. By improving circulation it makes the legs less prone to swelling, prevents and counteracts cellulite. Those suffering from swollen feet, swollen legs and ankles, could evaluate thehydromassage in conjunction with slight motor activity.

THE benefits of the whirlpoolcan be summarized as follows:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • It affects blood pressure based on temperature
  • Relax your muscles
  • It confers elasticity and tone to the tissues
  • Prevents and fights cellulite
  • Helps to counteract the phenomenon of swollen legs

The whirlpool is also known as "hydro-massage therapy". In the medical field, in fact, the whirlpool is used forrelieveassociated problems and muscle and soft tissue injuries. The hydromassage is used to counteract chronic arthritis pain, in case of sports injuries, lupus, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease. Medical applications have also been found for discomfort in pregnancy and for stress management.

Hydromassage: psychophysical benefits

When we think about our well-being we should not consider a psychic sphere and a physical sphere: these two components are one and constantly interact with each other. The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind. In this context, the whirlpool can play a role that should not be underestimated.

Relaxation related to activity would reduce stress levels but ibenefits of the whirlpoolthey are not limited to this. By being in a bathing suit and directing the jet of water to the various parts of the body, you can increase your body awareness and improve your relationship with yourself. By increasing body self-awareness, a reduction in anxiety levels and a general sense of well-being can be observed precisely due to the continuum between "mind and body".

By improving our self-awareness we can become more able to monitor stress signals and relieve various emotional distress. A ready and relaxed mind will certainly be better able to cope with athletic or work-related injuries.

Hydromassage in pregnancy and other contraindications

Hydromassage is only rarely contraindicated in pregnancy but it is advisable to consult your doctor before carrying out a course of treatment.

There are no side effects for those in good health, however, some medical conditions may be contraindicated. If you are on drug therapy, consult your doctor before starting a course of treatment.

In particular, the health conditions at risk that should lead you to consult your doctor before using the whirlpool are:

  • HIV / AIDS
  • Skin disorders such as rashes and eczema
  • Temperature
  • Injuries and fractures
  • Thrombosis or blood clotting disorders
  • Spinal problems (hernias, protruding discs ...)
  • Extensive bruising
  • Capillary fragility
  • Neurological disorders

Outdoor whirlpool tub

Since ibenefits of the whirlpoolthey are so numerous, so why not take advantage and install a tub in the garden?

The outdoor whirlpools are numerous and are now available at affordable prices.

What to put in the whirlpool? To enhance its benefits, Epsom salts combined with a few drops of essential oil can be dissolved in the hydromassage water. Another factor to take care of when managing a hot tub is the temperature. Hot water is perfect after intense physical activity but should be avoided for those suffering from arterial hypotension. Similarly, cold water should be avoided for those suffering from arterial hypertension.

If you are considering installing a hot tub in the garden, you can consult the page dedicated to: outdoor hot tubs.

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