Shungite: characteristics and benefits

Shungite: characteristics and benefits

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There Shungite it is one of those stones to which special energies are attributed. To date, there is no scientific evidence so it is correct to inquire but taking into account that it is pure hypothesis. Therefore, we do not rely too much on the beneficial effects, even if no one forbids us to try to take advantage of this stone, however, by combining remedies that have scientific bases and scientific community.

Shungite: characteristics

This Stone has been known for a long time, its discovery dates back to the early seventeenth century, it was found in Russia and some important healing properties that made her famous. Before finding out which ones, let's look at it. It has a black color, also because it is mainly composed of carbon, just like graphite and diamonds that have this element at their base. It was originally called not by chance black ocher, because it is black, but we never understand why it is “ocher” since it has no chemical similarities with yellow, red or ocher substances.

Black is undoubtedly linked to the high carbon content which in this case, unlike what happens with graphite, is brilliant. In some cases we can also find luminous reflections in silver.

Shungite: benefits

For centuries it has been led to think that this Stone have some power over our health, in particular an anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory effect, a disinfectant and purifying / protective effect. It would sometimes also be used for theacne treatment.

Shungite is considered a unique stone because it is sedimentary and because in it the carbon is organized in a particular molecular composition, Fullerene, able to create a mechanical barrier to the spread of negative elements. It is thanks to this structure that it is thought to have physical, chemical and bioenergetic properties. For example, it should neutralize electromagnetic radiation emanating from computers, cell phones, televisions and increase the vital energy inherent in every person. They say it stimulates them immunitary defense removing negative memories.

The tsar appears to have been one of the supporters of the powers of the Shungite, is not the only one but there are also many skeptics. There are also those who claim that this black stone also has magical powers and brings good luck and helps us to be more positive and focused.

Described thus seems the stone for all evils, the stone of miracles, but even those who believe in it must admit that in some cases it should not be used. For example, in the presence of subjects suffering from a tumor, benign or malignant, or from cardiovascular diseases.

Shungite: use

You don't have to invent strange things to benefit from the magical powers of this stone, you just need to wear it. On the neck, on the wrist, on him, then mounted for example in jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, brooches or rings.

Unlike other stones that are equally considered magical, this one is very delicate so we must treat these jewels with extreme delicacy. With an object with Shungite on us we keep the positive energy with us and remove the negative ones that could hover in the environment in which we live and interfere with ours.

In order for this stone to retain its hypothetical powers it must be well preserved and treated. Yes, proper maintenance needs to be done on a monthly basis so that it can do its magic stone job. We must therefore equip ourselves for wash it in running water, better if warm and not too cold, then let it dry in the sun for a few hours or in general outdoors and never closed somewhere. We can associate Shungite with other stones to enhance their effect, for example with opal or rubies that are best combined.

Shungite: name and origins

The name of this black stone derives from that of the village where it was first found, namely village, Shunga, in Russia. It is a small village that has become important precisely for this discovery. Several legends are linked to this stone, including one concerning it Tsar Peter. It is said that he preferred to drink the water that remained after the shungite infusion because it is particularly rich in precious minerals. In fact it seems that he made frequent trips to the region of Russia where the village of Shunga is located.

In this sense, the tsar launched a bit of fashion by pushing a large part of his people to believe in the powers of Shungite. More and more demand has been increasingly sought. We find today mines of Shungite in many areas of Russia, especially in those that in the past have witnessed frequent volcanic eruptions, or that have been coal mines. Today Shungite is not only a Russian stone, we can also extract it in Austria, India and Africa.

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