Asparagus period

Asparagus period

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Asparagus period: when to go hunting for wild asparagus and when, on the other hand, is the best time for the cultivation of vegetable varieties.

Asparagus plant

There is a big difference betweenwild asparagusand field asparagus. L'Wild asparagus it is difficult to find as well as thefield asparagus it is not simple from cultivate. In any case, the efforts you decide to dedicate to one or the other company will reward you with great satisfaction! Theasparagusthey are very tasty!

L'wild asparagus it has a more bitter taste, it is less fleshy and therefore more fibrous. There are many varieties of field asparagus, from white asparagus to green asparagus of different sizes.

Asparagus officinalis e Asparagus acutifolius

From a botanical point of view, the asparagus plantis identified as Asparagus officinalis,belongs to the lily family, the same family as garlic, leek and onion.

L'wild asparagus it is identified by botanists with the species Asparagus acutifolius. It is therefore not a question of "variety" but of two different botanical species. Asparagus acutifolius can be grown in the garden by planting the tufts or by seed.

Therewild asparagus plantlooks like a climbing shrub. It can reach significant heights, even up to 2 meters. The stem is robust, erect and whitish.

Wild asparagus period

The season in which it is possible to harvest asparagus is spring, precisely from March to June. With the favorable climatic conditions, the first wild asparagus can be harvested as early as February and the harvests could last for the entire month of July.

Wild asparagus has a thin shape, a homogeneous green color and they grow spontaneouslyin many places in Italy.

L'wild asparagusit grows spontaneously throughout central Europe. Where is it collected? In Italy it can be harvested in dry areas, soils in coastal locations characterized by moderately rich soil in nutrients. Wild asparagus can also be easily found along the edges of paths, roads, in the dunes or in rural grasslands.

They grow spontaneously in the Mediterranean scrub up to heights of 1525 meters.

In addition to the speciesAsparagus actifolius, in Italy we can find two morewild asparagus plants, although they are rarer. These are the spontaneous species Asparagus stipularis and Asparagus albus.

The wild asparagus of the A. stipularis species has a darker color, it grows in Sicily, Sardinia and Lampedusa, limiting itself to an altitude of 700 meters. The Asparagus albus species has characteristic white stems, grows in Sicily and Sardinia, in different areas of Calabra and lower Basilicata. It can be found in valleys or along slopes reaching up to 1000 meters of latitude.

Wild asparagus cultivation

As stated, it is possible to grow wild asparagus. In our special dedicated to "wild asparagus" we have indicatedwhere to find wild asparagus plantsand how to provide for a small plant in the home garden.

When to harvest asparagus from the garden

Always in spring. Asparagus is harvested by digging up to 25 cm into the soil. The harvest of asparagus, in most companies is done manually, using a score (a tool that cuts the asparagus at the base).

After harvesting an asparagus, it is advisable to fill the hole left and smooth the surface of the soil so as to more easily recognize other sprouts that sprout, ready for harvest.

Theasparagus harvesting periodfield varies according tovariety, the climatic trend and the type of temperature. For example, a kind of mulch with black tarpaulins is used to anticipate the harvest period as early as January / February. On the contrary, there is no shortage of strategies to extend the asparagus harvest until the summer season.

Grow asparagus

If you want to grow wild asparagus, you will need to read the instructions indicated in the previous discussion (wild asparagus). If you intend to grow the classic garden asparagus, in one of the many varieties recognized in our country, you can follow the instructions on this page: how to grow asparagus

Where are the asparagus we buy at the supermarket grown?

When in the supermarket, always check where the asparagus comes from! In Europe, the main asparagus producers are Germany, Italy and Spain. In Germany agricultural machinery is spreading that can provide for the harvesting of asparagus in place of manual harvesting and selection. In Italy too, machination is becoming a concrete reality. On a global level, the main producer and exporter of asparagus is China.

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