Foraging and sustainability at the Grundig Respect Food Day

Foraging and sustainability at the Grundig Respect Food Day

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The "Respect Food Day", A day outdoors organized by Grundig in collaboration with the Courmayeur Golf Club, with the aim of presenting the new Grundig appliances designed for minimize energy waste is extend the duration of food.

In fact, at Grundig, responsibility and commitment in the fight against food waste is a carrying value, always bearing in mind that food should not be taken for granted but treated with care, because only by respecting food resources, we can make our land a better place.

With the 'Respect Food' mission, as an international brand with a strong sustainable conscience, Grundig wants to educate people to fight food waste, providing concrete solutions on how to reduce waste in the kitchen also through the development of innovative products capable of to lengthen the shelf-life of food and at the same time guaranteeing less waste.

Respect Food Tournament

The Respect Food Tournament is a tournament organized by Grundig which takes place in some of the most prestigious clubs in our country. The Circuit was designed to communicate brand values ​​and to raise awareness among a highly profiled public on the theme of sustainability he was born in respect for food resources.

Started on 12 May at the Carimate Golf Club, the tournament continued in Verona on 26 May, and then took place in Acquasanta on 2 June and landed in the renowned Courmayeur Golf Club, where it will be partner for the 3 months of the summer season. where it is possible to play at the foot of the Mont Blanc massif, in a truly spectacular setting.

The tournament will end on 29 September within the Castello Tolcinasco Golf Club with an evening dedicated to supporting Food for Soul, a cultural association founded by the Grundig Brand Ambassador, Massimo Bottura.

The tournament is based on the mission "Respect Food"By Grundig, with which the company has been committed for years in the fight against food waste, also through the design of products equipped with innovative technologies capable of guaranteeing less waste of resources.

The view in front of the Courmayeur Golf Club, with the peaks of the Mont Blanc massif: Dente del Gigante, Dome de Rochefort and Grandes Jorasses

Courmayeur Golf Club

Foraging with Valeria Margherita Mosca

To put into practice the good habits related to food and to discover how much nature makes available to us in exchange for our respect, the "Respect Food Day" included a pleasant walk a few hundred meters from the Golf Club in the company of Valeria Margherita Moscow, chef, researcher and expert of Foraging, the art of collecting food in nature, between woods and fields and then cooking it.

Under Valeria's guidance we thus discovered and collected some plants, learning the different nutraceutical properties together with the anticipation of the flavors that we would enjoy a few hours later. To practice foraging while respecting nature it is important to avoid collecting all the plants in the same place and, of course, it is important to know the plants that we will then cook and taste.

Foraging with Valeria Margherita Mosca

Grundig sustainable appliances

Back at the Golf Club with a supply of wild herbs selected and collected together with Valeria, we found a corner waiting for us with some of the Grundig appliances, including a refrigerator with interesting solutions to limit energy waste, such as a special front door that allows you to access the water bottles without opening the main door, thus avoiding the internal temperature rise and the related waste of energy to lower the temperature after closing.

Other product Grundig that we were able to discover is the new oven designed to allow food to be dehydrated in a short time, always with the aim of avoiding waste of energy.

Also very interesting is the line of small appliances designed by one of the leaders of international haute cuisine, Massimo Bottura: products created to reconcile quality, functionality, durability and aesthetics.

Valeria cooks herbs in the Corner set up at the Courmayeur Golf Club with Grundig appliances

The collaboration with Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura, one of the most famous chefs in the world, was chosen as Brand Ambassador by Grundig as a perfect witness of the cultural and artistic turning point of the kitchen and for the sharing of values ​​such as: ethics, attention to quality and innovation.

Grundig has differentiated itself on the European market for the creation of products since sophisticated design and with high quality standards. The company has always invested in technology and innovation becoming synonymous with vanguard.

The Chef of Osteria Francescana, the first restaurant in the world in 2016, nominated by the New York Times among the 28 most influential creatives in the world, represents Grundig's perfect partner for the development of new projects and product concepts. Just as Grundig, strong on its German heritage, has evolved over the years by creating new ranges of products under the banner of excellence and design, in the same way Chef Bottura gave birth to a revolutionary cuisine, which starting from tradition has sought innovation, having art and quality as its leitmotif.

The same conceptual method will also be adopted for the development of new products that will range from the kitchen to the field of TV and audio, supporting Bottura's passion and culture for music and art.

The common vision finds its maximum expression in the theme of sustainability addressed with a view to ethics and safeguarding resources with a focus on the fight against food waste.

One of the Bottura appliances used in the sustainable cooking workshop with Valeria Margherita Mosca

Grundig elected among the Superbrands 2019

Grundig, a renowned brand in the consumer electronics sector owned by the Turkish giant Arçelik, has expanded its portfolio to the world of household appliances and, thanks to constant investments in technology and innovation, is achieving significant growth globally. Sustainability and resource efficiency are the key areas the brand focuses on. Its range of household appliances makeseco-sustainability a strength and reflects the values ​​that inspire the brand; high quality, ease of use and exclusive design.

In 2019 Grundig joins the Superbrands, an international organization that aims to recognize excellent brands in different markets, assigning special Awards, considered the “Oscars” for brands in over 90 countries around the world.

Grundig has also been recognized as “Superbrand” for having put the sustainability at the heart of its growth strategy, with a corporate mission focused on safeguarding the global ecosystem and raising awareness of the fight against food waste but also committed to developing sustainable technologies to protect dwindling resources.

You can find more information about Grundig and its new products on the official website:

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