Gravel bike: what it is and why it has become so popular

Gravel bike: what it is and why it has become so popular

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There gravel bike has recently become very popular also in Italy and ... it is certainly not difficult to understand why: this bike is versatile and also suitable for beginners who want to enjoy some time outdoors, exploring the countryside, furrowing grass or maybe making your daily commute to work in a more fun way.

Let us then try to learn more about gravel bikes and why (maybe!) it is worth trying this means!

What are gravel bikes

As probably emerges from the previous lines, the gravel bike sector is a very versatile sector, just as - on the other hand - is that of the road bike: the tires can be more or less thin, the wheels more or less wide, and transmissions and frames can be easily adapted according to their specific characteristics.

In short, everything is possible in gravel bikes and ... the manufacturers have well understood how captivating it can be to show potential customers such bright vehicles with a clear reference to life in the open air and adventure. Precisely for this reason gravel bikes are often sold with expressions such as adventure bike, monster cross, all-road, road and road plus.

Be careful not to get confused: in fact, these terms only want define distinctiveness of each bike and identify its field of application. But in addition to the simple differentiation based on the reference term, all gravel bikes are designed and built with the same idea in mind: to allow their drivers to quickly drive their favorite vehicle on all types of terrain.

And, of course, you will soon discover that there is a wide range of uses for each bike, and that there are bikes that specialize in particular types of surfaces. However, there are also more universal bikes, gravel bikes that can accompany you in various types of terrain in all their facets, regardless of the specific niches of which you could fully grasp the greatest satisfaction.

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Why is it convenient to use gravel bikes?

But why have more and more people approached this kind of vehicle with passion over the last few years?

In a nutshell, there are three basic concepts that make gravel bikes so exciting and fun.

The first is that they are vehicles light is fast. In fact, these are the lightest bikes you could ride on a variety of particularly rough terrain. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to go fast, but you probably will (or will be inclined to do so, considering it's inherent in the nature of these bikes). But it's not just bicycles that follow this philosophy; all equipment, including bags, follow a minimalist concept. They are light, functional and reflect the principle of the gravel bike in the best way, becoming a real philosophy of use of the vehicle.

The second concept is that gravel bikes will allow you to go anywhere and do anything. This is obviously a particularly intriguing reason to ride the gravel bike, because you will soon notice that every surface becomes pedalable: the gravel path at the end of the asphalt is as fun as the winding serpentines you just climbed, and the surface too. more boring can become a new exciting challenge thanks to these versatile means.

In short, on board a gravel bike the possibilities are practically endless and start directly from your driveway, to get where you want. But where are the limits of gravel biking? Or, better, are there any limits?

The answer is yes but ... in reality the only limit is what you plan to do. Cycling on steep paths or on sandy tracks may not be a viable option for gravel biking, but in this case all you have to do is carry the bike with you for a few meters before the surface becomes attackable again by the wheels of your bike. . In short, with some rare exceptions, the gravel bike will be well able to accompany you, meter after meter, kilometer after kilometer.

Finally, the third and most important principle of using the gravel bike: you can have fun is enjoy the ride with serenity and tranquility, without necessarily having to think about performance. The principle behind gravel bikes is not in fact to compete with the stopwatch in hand, but is to chase the spirit of adventure, the desire to discover something new and the fun of carefree driving, which will make you go on and on forward. In short, a happy feeling of exploration, carefree and free, which will end up attracting and binding you to the gravel bike in an indissoluble way.

We hope that the above passwords we had the opportunity to share with you will make the idea of ​​getting on the gravel bike even more captivating. In this regard, our suggestion is to get on your vehicle and pedal: whether you have traveled 5 or 250 kilometers, we are sure that at the end of the road you will be fully satisfied with having experienced an unforgettable adventure.

Having clarified the above, we can only invite you to resort to the advice of an expert seller to understand which gravel bike model best suits your most specific needs. A nice chat with a professional in the sector will allow you to find the right gravel bike for you as soon as possible, and start exploring the world with a whole new eye!

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