Motivational apps that improve life

Motivational apps that improve life

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From the app that reminds us to eat more fruit to the one that helps us detoxify from social networks: the icons that appear on our smartphone do not always devour our time and distract us. On closer inspection there are several motivational apps with interesting ideas to improve our daily life and that take advantage of the fact that we always have the mobile phone in hand to make us embrace new healthier habits and to help us achieve our daily and weekly goals.

Motivational apps that improve life

It may seem strange to have to consider the cell phone our ally with the aim of improving our quality of life but we try not to think by patterns but by opportunity. Let's consider it a tool like any other that we need to get better, an appendix of our body to rely on for memos and notes, to organize commitments, to take stock of the situation and understand how our projects are progressing.

Today our heads are full of commitments and things to remember, including work, bureaucracy, family and so on. There comes a time when we need time for ourselves and we have no more space in memory, the brain is saturated and we do not feel able to take on another mission even if it would be the top priority because it concerns our life. We ask for help, and in everyday life, for that to mark the times, we let a machine do it since it does so well.

The offer of motivational apps for our well-being has increased in recent years because the attention of many like us has shifted to this issue. We can therefore count on a wide range of services to explore for me to search for what we think we need.

There are motivational apps that have the clear goal of motivating us from a psychological point of view. They become fans, they remind us that “We can do it!”And they do it with inspiring phrases, quotes, images, at the right time and without ever forgetting us, with unparalleled constancy. Other apps do instead Life Coach, enter into the merits of our objectives and help us decide priorities and strategies. One of the problems that most hangs over the management of our daily life is certainly that of time, which is never enough.

There are apps that help us not to lose it, to meet deadlines, even that meals and sleep which are essential to our productivity. In this regard, if we are particularly interesting at the juncture of quality of life, we find applications dedicated to its improvement, which support us when we want to introduce a new genuine habit that can be meditating, going to the gym, quitting smoking. If health is our priority, we can get help from those motivational apps dedicated to diet and weight loss, or physical activity.

Motivational apps for healthy living

Let's start looking at some examples of app which focuses on certain aspects of daily life and helps us improve our performance. Those who need to drink more can rely on Plant Nanny, free, with a virtual plant that grows luxuriantly only if we remember to hydrate ourselves sufficiently. For repentant smokers there is Livestrong - My Quit Coach which motivates us to quit by pointing out the money we would save by quitting cigarettes, as well as the health benefits. For the lazy, who do not get enough physical activity during the day, Sweatocoin has invented a mechanism that rewards with gadgets and shopping credit for every thousands of steps you take.

To improve our quality of life, we very often feel the need to have our own spaces, but it is not easy to find them within diaries that are increasingly crowded than necessary. Buddyfy it comes to our aid by reminding us to take a break every now and then and not to experience it with anxiety or guilt. The top would also be to be able to take the time to meditate. 3 minutes in a day are enough but fully dedicated to ourselves, to feel relief and stop feeling suffocated by commitments. Fabulous MotivateMyself puts this activity in the foreground and reminds us of it every day, gently.

In addition to work, many times it is also social networks that steal our time, enchant us with their timeline full of colors and stimuli and we are enchanted to look at it myself, imagining other people's lives. It seems absurd but our mobile phone can help us in this with two very interesting apps. Forest plant trees, on the phone, and keep us away from other applications allowing us to otherwise distract ourselves. Hold, created by a group of Norwegian researchers, it rewards you with discounts at cinemas and other shops if you leave your phone alone for a while.

Motivational apps for an organized life

If we want to relax more and better, we make sure to optimize our efforts at work too. There are many apps that want to give us a hand in this, let's see some of them. Get Sh * t Done it helps to focus on a project without wandering or being too multitasking, Strides dictate the time with notifications and alarms, it's thumping but effective.

If we also need help in managing priorities, the best ally is GoalMap which helps set goals day by day but is more of a life coach than a motivational app. Todoist it is certainly more suitable for work and is perfect for lovers of lists. More complete thoughAny-do which in addition to the to-do list provides us with the po

Motivational apps for a peaceful life

There are several apps where we can find relief or a space to reflect and relax. My Gratitude Journal, o Gratitude journal for Android, reminds us of gratitude, marks our days with this concept and helps us think about what we can be grateful for. Change the point of view of our days.

Do it too! truly powerful: this app sends us motivational phrases every morning, phrases that are always left to concern and that we can also send to a friend or share on social networks. Daily Quotes and Positive Quotes (IOS), or Daily Motivational Quotes App (Android) send us positive energy by reminding us that we can do it and that today is the right day to achieve our goals.


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