How to season couscous: tips and trivia

How to season couscous: tips and trivia

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In a world where people, flavors, sounds and colors are increasingly mixed, we are increasingly faced with dishes other than the usual Italian pasta. Get familiar with them and start cooking them in our own way, or according to tradition, with the freedom to experiment, giving satisfaction as well as expanding our diet, which is healthy and stimulating. Here's why learn how to season cous cous it helps us improve our diet, as it is a healthy food that has fed different peoples since ancient times. "cous cous" it means "minced into tiny pieces" and actually looks a bit like sand, but not in taste! This very particular consistency requires us to learn how to season it to avoid the effect "Junk". Here are some tips.

How to season couscous: tips

According to tradition the cous cous it is served by placing a large plate in the center where the sauce is in the center. It can only be based on vegetables or even with meat and fish. In addition, sauces or broth are often served but separately, in bowls that everyone can freely draw to give flavor to their dish, more or less sweet, more or less spicy.

Let's start with Vegetable couscous which makes everyone agree, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The mix of usually Mediterranean vegetables should be sautéed in a pan wok, with a little oil and the chopped onion first. After about ten minutes of cooking, we can add the salt and a little broth, and then the aromatic herbs. Another 10 minutes of cooking and then we are done. Now we can prepare the cous cous to serve it with our condiment in the center, they will already partially flavor the small grains but each diner will find their own mix.

Cous Cous with Beef and Vegetables is prepared in a very similar way but with fewer vegetables and usually choosing the most suitable ones such as courgette, carrot and a spring onion. Let them brown a little in a pan with some oil and then add the meat. We take small pieces of beef or chicken that we can also flour before cooking. Finally we add another vegetable, the peas. For 20 minutes we cook over high heat, adding salt and pepper and for those who want also white wine. Meanwhile we prepare couscous to put it in a large round dish and season it.

For the version of the cous cous with fish we can buy clams, mussels, shrimps and swordfish. Clean the clams and in the meantime fry the onion in a pan to cook the swordfish into small pieces to be blended with white wine and halved cherry tomatoes. After about ten minutes, add the prawns and shells with salt, pepper and chives. While the sauce finishes cooking we can prepare couscous to season it

How to season the Cold Cous Cous

The cous cous it can also be served as a cold dish, an excellent idea even for those who want to take it to the office in the legendary schiscetta. Let's cook it properly. We mince the aromatic herbs with salt, pepper and garlic and cover it with oil so that it aromas. Separately we grill zucchini and peppers and cut cherry tomatoes and onion, then season everything with the marinated herbs, removing the pieces of garlic if they upset us.

It's time to prepare the cous cous then putting it in a bowl with lemon juice, shelling its "grains" well and only after this, we add the vegetables and this time we mix! This couscous should be kept in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving.

How to choose couscous

Let's take a step back and try to understand how to orient ourselves when we are faced with various types of cous cous without understanding what it does for us.

There is the traditional one which is made from durum wheat but there are also variations with spelled, rice and kamut. The size of the granules can also vary and it is important to understand what characteristics are related to the choice of how to season the cous cous. There is the fine one that we usually find in sweet recipes while the medium one is good for the savory recipes we have proposed and it is also what we classically find in supermarkets. Alternatively we can also use the Cous Cous Grosso although it is usually used in salads.

How to store couscous

From the point of view that we fully explain, of not wasting anything, let's see how to behave when we have some cous cous that advances, seasoned or not. We have to put it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. That way it lasts in the fridge for a couple of days, no more, but I wouldn't dare put it in the fridge.

How to season Cous cous: recipes

If you are looking for creative recipes to experiment with, I refer you to a book that will tell you not only how to mix flavors but also the history of this food and its cultural importance. Is titled, "Cous cous, Mediterranean stories and recipes " and it is a book that will make you travel with the strength of flavors, here is the link for more information.

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