How to recover positive energy in a short time

How to recover positive energy in a short time

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Manuals and gurus recommend that we be with positive people, who make us feel good and who have an optimistic and honest attitude towards life and people. There are times, however, when we can only associate with toxic people and environments. Let's grit our teeth, let's barricade ourselves in an imaginary bubble, certain that we can learn how to recover positive energy in a short time and how to become impervious to the negativity of others.

What is positive energy

It can be understood in many ways, we want to describe it as a certain way of approaching everyday life that is not based on complaining and criticism but on gratitude and on it can be done. If everyone is a master of himself, legs on his shoulder and we try to do something good, that we like it, naturally believing that it is possible and that we are able to do it, otherwise it is useless to put ourselves there.

Around us we will find people who prefer to stay at the window to criticize or tell others, including us, that our projects are absurd and unattainable. Even life itself won't always open doors for us the first time we knock. To reach the our goals it is essential to be determined and continue even with the headwind and to do this you need to know how to recover positive energy when they suck or annihilate them.

How to recover positive energy: gratitude journal

In Italian it sounds like the diary of gratitude, name that makes the idea less and seems something boring, a duty. But instead it is something fun and useful at the same time that, if desired, does not steal much time. It is a notebook, a notebook, in which every night we write 3 "things" - activities, episodes, people, moments - that in the previous hours made us happy or gave us positive energy. The three that emerge.

Just write them briefly, with a title, without too many mental ruminations because the aim is to be aware of the treasures that each day gives us. For those who want, you can also do it on your social profile, if you are willing to be read by half the world. After a while you will notice the myriad of "beautiful things" that you would like to write, on the one hand, and on the other - more importantly - you will begin to notice the type of things that make you really happy. This is useful for when we find ourselves setting our life priorities.

How to recover positive energy in a short time: be kind

Energy propagates, spreads, whether positive or negative, it is contagious. Who said it can't leave us? Every now and then yes and we will be proud of it when it happens. Let's start being kind. It is a step beyond courtesy, simple education, that extra step that makes us bearers of positive energy by first of all increasing ours. Being kind on a day like any other means paying more attention to those around us, people and things, treating both better, because they too will be kinder to us in some way.

How to recover positive energy without giving in

Perhaps the previous point could be misunderstood and it is better to clarify. Being kind does not mean pathologically submissive and unselfish. Kindness must also be practiced and first of all towards ourselves and it means that towards those who do not respect us we must be assertive by putting our health and our happiness in the foreground. Never let people and toxic environments affect our self-esteem and discourage us from achieving our goals. We stick our nails out, we struggle, because giving up is frustrating and collapses our positive energy, disastrously.

How to recover positive energy in a short time: awareness

To be truly positive, it is essential to be aware and honest with yourself. So be real. What does it mean? Be positive a priori and at all costs by refusing to look at reality, it is harmful, it is like building a castle on the sand, illusory. Starting from the awareness of our limits, our feelings, our thoughts, we can build a path to be positive people.

Positive does not always mean cheerful, but with a constructive and proactive mood, who looks ahead with determination and who prefers action to lament. It can help to transcribe our thoughts, admitting to ourselves the present situation. “Today I am sad”, for example: let's acknowledge it, let's accept it, let's live this feeling as human and normal and without guilt and let's look to tomorrow.

How to recover positive energy: meditation

It is the extra step that can change our lives but I realize that not everyone wants or is convinced to do it. Time to time, when the desire arrives, if it does, you will do it by choosing the modality you prefer. There are so many techniques, don't just think of people sitting quietly watching the void they breathe with background music, For example, there is also walking meditation which for many, especially for the anxious and restless, has proved to be a real salvation. If you are interested in learning more, you can rely on this book which explains both how to do it and why.

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