Thermal bottles: how to choose the best ones

Thermal bottles: how to choose the best ones

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They are comfortable, cool and wink at the environment. We speak of course of thermal bottles, practical accessories that allow you to keep the temperature of the drinks inside them for a few hours, thus allowing us to enjoy home coffee or tea outside, in the office or during a walk, or more simply by keeping the water cool during the hot summer days.

But how to choose the best thermal bottles? What do you need to pay attention to?

Below we wanted to summarize some practical tips on how to choose the best thermos and the best thermal bottles, which we recommend that you read carefully.

What is it for

The first thing you need to consider if you want buy a thermal bottle is that you must have in mind what it is for. Obviously, the capacity of the liquid contained and the conditions in which you will use the bottle will heavily influence your choice.

You may want to take a cup of coffee with you but worry about it getting cold. Or you need a thermal container that is convenient to take anytime, anywhere with you. Or maybe you want to buy a thermos but you haven't understood what the difference is with a thermo cup and you don't know which of the two objects is better.

In short, before making unnecessary purchases, try to get a little clearer ideas about your next purchase!

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Pay attention to the material

That said, the time during which the thermal bottle retains heat of the drink contained within it depends a lot on material with which it is made. The water bottles that are made with the use of metals processed with new technologies are certainly the best, and can allow you to keep your coffee hot for even more than 6 hours. So try to give preference to this type of product, rather than to other components that could be cheaper but much less performing.

Also, keep away from products that contain bisphenol A (BPA) or any other chemicals. In short, you should try to use only thermal bottles with 100% BPA free materials. Fortunately, this is now the market standard and you will certainly not struggle to find some good water bottle for you that has these technical characteristics.

Don't choose flimsy bottles

Have you ever broken a thermal bottle? If so, then for sure you know that it is quite fragile, and that you should treat it with extreme caution. However, if you have broke a thermal bottle, you probably did it with some cheap or glass bottle. On the other hand, it is practically impossible to break the metal!

All that can happen to him in the event of a fall is, possibly, a compromise of the vacuum that should exist between the wall and the outermost part of the thermos. A problem, however, seen and considered that it can negatively affect the properties of the thermal bottle. Therefore, in addition to avoiding choosing fragile thermal bottles, we advise you not to drop them!

Give preference to bottles with larger diameters

If you have to choose between multiple thermal bottles that have the same capacity, try to give preference to the product with a larger diameter. But why?

It's very simple. This feature means that the space between its bulb and the outer wall is larger and, therefore, it will keep the temperature better.

Also pay attention to the caps

A conventional latch closure cap will easily allow you to pour liquid into your bag! The best solution will be caps with hermetic screwing and a cap.

In principle, the plug must close the heat stored inside and must not allow any heat loss. Thermoses with glass lids often come with corks. This option is not the best, as they provide an imperfect seal.

The best choice is therefore always the "screw cap", even more so than the bottles that are equipped with valves. This choice may be convenient, but if the valve is damaged, the regulating characteristics deteriorate and the insulated bottle will not be able to perform its functions. In addition, these caps can often become difficult to wash.

How to know if you have chosen the "right" thermal bottle?

After purchasing an insulated bottle, you should immediately check for any abnormalities in the vacuum. It is very easy to do. Just pour hot water into the container and wait a bit. If in half an hour the walls of the thermos do not heat up ... you have chosen a quality product!

On the other hand, the heated walls will testify that there is no perfect vacuum in the thermos, and the heat will release to the outside, with the consequence that the drink will cool quickly.

The price

How much do you have to pay for a good insulated bottle? Of course, the price depends on the quality and the manufacturer, but curiously, the high costs do not always guarantee better performance!

The price is usually influenced by the materials used, the extra features, the volume. In any case, you could find good water bottles on the marketplaces for around 20 - 30 euros.

Useful tips

So let's give some final useful tips for those who want to buy a thermal bottle:

  • when buying an insulated bottle, take a good look to check for visible flaws or scratches - which significantly affect performance;
  • smell the product: no smell should come from the bottle;
  • shake the bottle: check that nothing vibrates or emits any sound;
  • opt for a reputable manufacturer;
  • check that the lid and the plug offer good insulation;
  • the packaging must indicate the following: compliance, information about the manufacturer (address, name, telephone number), warranty, conditions of use and basic characteristics.

Good purchase!

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