Why respect meal times even at home

Why respect meal times even at home

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A little regularity doesn't hurt at all, on the contrary, it's the best at the table wellness diet that it exists and this also means eating at the correct times, without too many variations and oddities. A correct eating style is definitely defined as such because it includes the right ingredients in the right quantity but also daily habits that take into account our circadian rhythms and our needs. Why respect meal times is very important.

Even those who are normally quite regular, having managed to build a daily routine in which to fit activities without having to find themselves eating when it happens, when they see them revolutionized by an emergency such as the Coronavirus, can go into crisis. For a few days of "anarchy" nothing happens, such as when the first few days of vacation are made a few exceptions, but in the long run, and our having to stay at home will not be short, theirregular schedules can do us harm.

There are some little tricks that can help us find a new everyday life that takes into account our rhythms and allows us to respect meal times. We will also see why it is important to do so and what are the better times: everyone is a master of himself but our body often has quite common and predictable reactions to certain "jolts".

Why respect meal times

If in general it can be one busy life to put ourselves in a position to never have time to cook, forcing us to eat when it happens, between one engagement and another, today is instead a day with perhaps less (or different) times and empty moments to fill, which can lead us into temptation. “Why eat at 13, maybe I'll wait a little bit”. “Dinner at 8? But I'm not hungry, come on I watch a movie and then see if I feel like it ”. It doesn't have to happen because sticking to meal times is important, it avoids long-term health problems and helps us stay fit.

It is not one of the many three-pound tips, there are scientific studies that show how eating a certain and regularly helps us digest and affects our ability to metabolize nutrients. The body has a good memory, as well as having its own innate rhythm, so it expects to be fed at certain precise times and just before them starts a phase called 'Food anticipatory activity'.

When we let him down, by skipping a meal or sliding him too far, we create physical and even psychological discomfort. Research from the International Journal of Obesity shows that in the long run this can lead to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

How to respect meal times

Faced with a revolutionized or emptied agenda, one does not always have the readiness and strength to maintain regular meal times, underestimating the importance of this gesture. We focus on other things, on a job or a family business to be reorganized, on the void to fill, on the news on TV on which the length of our "life at home" depends. Here are ways to anchor meal times to our day, whether in chaos or emptiness.

  • Let's join another one pleasant habit. For example, if we eat alone, we can associate it with listening to a good program on the radio or TV. If we all eat together, we fill this moment with meaning and, if the conversation languishes, we bring to the table a different theme and, above all, that it is not the Coronavirus every time. Those who feel like it can also build on it a game, one family member at a time will propose what to talk about.
  • We eat with a friend. No, we are not suggesting you to disobey but to organize a call. Alone but also in company, make arrangements with a friend or a group of friends, with uncles and cousins, and try to have dinner together. In many it is not possible but in 4 or 5 it is a surreal and pleasant experience. Of course not always, but Friday night pizza can go digital.
  • We aim the Wake Up. Traditional methods never betray. A memo on your cell phone is the first solution to try because if we understand the importance of regularity, a nod is enough to bring us back to order.
  • Let's not give in to the temptation of "wait until I finish and I'll arrive" because every day there is something to finish before eating ... let's take it into your head that we can finish after lunch without anything happening. We live the meal time as one also creative and leisure break, sociality (digital or not)
  • We avoid eating all day, biting into a fruit or a snack every time we pass by the kitchen. Regular schedules also mean not extending them to the whole day! For this it is better avoid working in the kitchen or carry a box of cookies next to the computer or to the space where we work.

As they teach us as children, 5 are the meals of the day, not three and even less 2 or 1. This is not traditionally but to avoid overloading the stomach and intestines, promoting digestion and being better able to exploit the energy that food provides.

What are the best times for meals

If we have chosen to set the alarm as a strategy, here's when to do it. For breakfast between 7 and 8 in the morning, without ever skipping it, for the morning snack at 10.30-11, staying light and waiting for lunch at 13. The snack is good at tea time, at 17, so we arrive at dinner with an appetite, around 8pm or even 9pm but not later, except in exceptional cases. If in the "normal" life we ​​have never been able to respect these times, let's try to do it now by taking healthy habits that we can then try to maintain.

Respect meal times to lose weight?

In addition to helping digestion and fighting insomnia, regularity in the rhythm of meals allows us to make the most of what we ingest, keeping us fit. It is not a false myth and it is not a way to lose weight but simply to stay healthy and fit. Eat regularly it does not make you lose weight but not do it, it often leads to gaining weight, adopting a chaotic regime that makes us more frequently the victim of both stomach and intestine problems, and prone to make too many exceptions and not entirely healthy snags.

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