Sunbathing on the balcony: tips and rules

Sunbathing on the balcony: tips and rules

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We are heading towards summer and while we listen to the news on the restrictive measures for the Covid-19 emergency and their alleged easing, we begin to think about what we will do this summer and to the thought that perhaps we will have to get a tan on the our terrace. It is not said, but since the sun is already shining these days, we can begin to carry on and sunbathe on the balcony. If we want to do things seriously and not improvise, here are some tips and also the condominium rules to follow to get a good result.

Sunbathing on the balcony: sun protection is important

The fact that you are at home, even if outdoors, instead of on the beach is not a good reason to avoid wearing sunscreen. Our skin is always the same and even the sun that reaches us is always the same. As we all know, therefore, it is essential and important for our health protect the skin properly. Certainly it is not easy to find your way among the many creams that are on the market today and some seem to be deceitful but not for this we must be wary of all in toto. Let's try to understand how to behave.

First of all let us remember that total protection does not exist so we cannot expose ourselves as much as we like even with a high protection because there is no magic cream that makes us impermeable to the rays that strike us. To choose, it is important to be suggested by the labels of the creams themselves, the one that suits us, not falling into the deceptions of some definitions very much related to marketing rather than to the protection of our health.

Fortunately, there are standard scales for indicating i sun filters and they are the ones we must consider. The abbreviation SPF is the sun protection factor and is linked to the effectiveness of a sunscreen, we often also read "UVA protection”, It is specified because these radiations are able to penetrate deeper into the skin and are therefore more dangerous because they do not burn the skin but damage us anyway.

Sunbathe on the balcony in your bathing suit

As we will see, there are rules to be respected depending on where we live. Those who are in a condominium will have to submit to those while those who are lucky enough to have a building all to themselves, whether it be a villa, villa or villa, can usually benefit from greater freedom. On the fact of sunbathe on the balcony in costume there are also some personal perplexities. A person can be authorized to do so but at the same time blocked by the idea that others can see, judge, spy on him. It is up to individual sensitivities to take a position on this. It must be said that a lot also depends on the costume you wear ...

How to get a tan at home quickly

Here the real question is more than anything else: why fast? Where should we go? Not only because movement is still limited in part due to the Covid-19 emergency but also in general. In case, on the balcony or on the beach, being in a hurry to take color is never advisable because you risk making and bringing damage in the short and long term.

Beautiful is the sun and the heat that it transmits to us, but it is necessary to respect the times dictated by our body which does not like binges of the sun. The right size is rewarded, even in this situation, because it serves for avoid the risk of skin cancer, sunburn and other skin damage.

Sunbathing on the balcony in the condominium: rules

Here we are to browse the condominium regulation to understand how we should behave if we really want to sunbathe on the balcony. One thing must be clear immediately: even if we are in a space of our property, we cannot do what we want, it is necessary to ask ourselves the problem of not disturbing the neighbors and not being sued for obscene acts in a public place.

The rule is that of common sense unless specific condominium regulation the reasons for forbidding sunbathing are not specified. You can, even in costume, but it depends a lot on the costume and also on the area where we live. In some cases, even if you are on the terrace, you are very far from other houses and really nobody or almost anyone can see us, but in others being on the balcony is worse than going out into the square in your underwear and it is better to try to moderate yourself so as not to hurt the sensitivity of others does not compromise the decor of the condominium and above all, do not run into condominium disputes, known to be among the most frequent and exhausting. There is the crime of acts contrary to public decency and it is good not to commit it.

While we sunbathe on the balcony, we can also listen to a little music to relax but also in this case pay attention to the rules: the volume must be moderate and at night or in the hours of rest it is better to avoid. Let us not think of having a barbecue, then, because one thing is to cook a couple of things for our family, another thing is to set up a sort of "grill" on the terrace.

Do you sunbathe on the balcony?

As we have already specified the sun is always the sun so of course, nothing changes if we have a sunny balcony. Of course, if the orientation of our building means that the rays reach us for a very short time, then we will have to settle for a slower but perhaps even healthier tan since staying too many hours in the sun does not reward.

Best times to get a tan

Even on the balcony, the same recommendations from doctors apply that we have always respected by going to the sea or in the mountains to sunbathe. Never expose yourself to his rays during rush hour, that is between 12 and 15. The sun is too hot and the risk is to burn yourself but also to suffer damage to the skin which can in turn also lead to cancer and melanoma. Before and after, we can always get a tan without exaggerating the exposure but trying to be constant and measured for a perfect tan and no sunburn or reddish complexion

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