Antarctica is about to lose a block of ice that doubles the surface of New York

Antarctica is about to lose a block of ice that doubles the surface of New York

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Antarctica continues to melt. This will create an iceberg twice the size of New York City.

The ice block will be dislodged by a rift formed in October 2016 that has continued to spread in depth and length and may be the largest iceberg to break on the Brunt Ice Shelf since observations began in 1915. .

Scientists have already given the alert, although there is still no precise date for the event and they do not know where it will go. The landslide will affect the continental shelf and the scientific bases located there, such as the Halley Station of the British Antarctic Survey. .

This base, which is a major one for Earth, atmosphere and space science research, generally operates year-round, but has been closed twice in recent years due to unpredictable changes in the ice.

In its announcement, NASA compared a photograph of that area where a crack can be seen that crosses from west to east the entire part that will be detached, and whose shape is that of a coastal cape.

When this fissure meets another that crosses the cape from south to north, the territory will be turned into a huge iceberg whose direction is unpredictable, as well as the effect it will cause on the rest of the surface of that area of ​​Antarctica.

Although the iceberg that will be born appears gigantic, in reality it is not so by Antarctic standards, NASA noted, although it said "it will be significant."

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