10 photos to show anyone who doesn't believe in climate change

10 photos to show anyone who doesn't believe in climate change

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A group of emperor penguins face a crack in the sea ice near McMurdo Station in Antarctica.
Kira morris

In the midst of a flood in Islampur, Jamalpur, Bangladesh, a woman on a raft searches for a dry place to shelter. Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable places in the world to sea level rise, which is expected to leave tens of millions of people homeless by 2050.
Probal Rashid

Hanna Petursdottir examines a cave within Iceland's Svinafellsjokull glacier, which she said had been growing rapidly. Since 2000, the size of glaciers in Iceland has shrunk by 12 percent.
Tom schifanella

The floods destroyed eight bridges and ruined crops such as wheat, corn and peas in the Karimabad Valley of northern Pakistan, a mountainous region with many glaciers. In many parts of the world, glaciers have been in retreat, creating dangerously large lakes that can cause devastating floods when banks break. Climate change can also increase rainfall in some areas, while causing droughts in others.
Hira ali

Smoke, filled with the carbon that drives climate change, drifts across a field in Colombia.
Sandra rondon

A river once flowed along the depression in the dry land of this part of Bangladesh, but it has disappeared amid rising temperatures.
Open Hossain

Sind province in Pakistan has experienced a grim mix of two consequences of climate change. "Due to climate change, whether we have floods or we don't have enough water to irrigate our crops and feed our animals," says the photographer. “The image clearly indicates that extreme drought is causing large cracks in the clay. Crops are very difficult to grow ”.
Rizwan Dharejo

A shepherd moves his flock as he searches for green pastures near the village of Sirohi in Rajasthan, northern India. The region has been severely affected by heat waves and drought, which has made the local population nervous about anticipated temperature increases.
Riddhima Singh Bhati

A factory in China is covered in a haze of air pollution. The World Health Organization has warned that such pollution, much of which comes from the fossil fuels that cause climate change, is a "public health emergency."
Leung Ka Wa

Water levels in reservoirs, like this one in Gers, France, have been falling dangerously low in drought-stricken areas around the world, forcing authorities to introduce water restrictions.
Mahtuf Ikhsan

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