The Human Being, his stupidity, his selfishness and his obsession with power and money

The Human Being, his stupidity, his selfishness and his obsession with power and money

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The Human Being is being the victim of his own stupidity, his selfishness and his obsession with power and money.

Climate change, the hole in the ozone layer, the depletion and contamination of natural resources, the accumulation of waste and the degradation of land, water and air are consequences of a much greater problem, more profound, which is the way of life that is being imposed on us.

Those who have made decisions at a global level, especially in recent decades, have chosen to put all the knowledge acquired by humanity at the service of economic growth, comfort, and the reduction of physical and mental effort. They have decided to move forward without measuring consequences, without questioning the social and environmental costs of that "progress.

With current technologies, the decision on whether or not to trigger an environmental collapse has become purely political. With much less budget than the one invested in weapons, a quick solution could be given to the Climate Change that haunts us and whose effects can reach unsuspected limits.

The volumes of production and consumption of goods have been growing at stark speeds and, as it had to happen, at some point we exceeded the planet's capacity to absorb our waste, eat our garbage, breathe our CO2, our methane, our CFCs and to drink our effluents, our spills, and the vomit of our industries.

The only option we have is to try, together, to stop waste, reduce high levels of consumption, consume responsibly and thus stop the avalanche that is coming our way, and that otherwise will cover us all, we are where we are.

But while consuming responsibly individually is very important, that alone is not enough. We must also act in an environmentally responsible way as a society. And that change will be much more difficult to carry out than the individual. Abandoning the culture of consumerism as a society would mean a paradigm shift, where values ​​such as solidarity, respect for diversity and love for life replace selfishness, individualism and greed.

We must transform ourselves into a society that thinks and decides as a species and no longer individually. In a society that abandons the current economic model, directed by the owners of capital and power, and builds an environmentally sustainable and socially fair model.

We must transform ourselves into a society that has no reason to celebrate "world environment day" to remember that it exists, but rather develops in community with it.

By Ricardo Natalichio

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