What Bayer doesn't want you to know

What Bayer doesn't want you to know

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Signature for transparency in food safety decisions.

“We demand to guarantee true transparency in food safety decisions in the European Union. For this, the data received from the industry must be published so that the toxicity of its products can be assessed before they are marketed in the EU. This transparency will allow an independent scientific evaluation of crucial public decisions and will end the secrecy that has allowed dangerous products to remain on the market and has fueled public mistrust of food safety decisions. ”

This week, the European Parliament, the Commission and the European Council met for the first time to negotiate the final proposal that could ban the toxic glyphosate in the EU, making previously secret industry studies available to the public [1].

During our fight to ban glyphosate last year, scientific studies were key. The pesticide industry argued that it had studies showing glyphosate was "safe," but would keep it secret from both the public and independent scientists. The EU allowed the use of glyphosate for another five years, on the basis that these secret industry studies were reliable [2].

However, last month the European Parliament voted in favor of legislation that would end this kind of secrecy. Industry put pressure on our MEPs to knock down this new proposal, but the Movemos Europa community flooded the accounts of these MEPs with messages for transparency in our food system.Now that the EU institutions are negotiating a final agreement, we can still tip the balance in favor of security, if we come together.

Sign to support transparency in our food system

The proposed amendment to the Regulation on general food law represents an ambitious change with respect to the procedures currently in force in the EU, up to now favored by the industry.If this legislation passes, we will finally have the tools to challenge companies like Monsanto - now Bayer - when glyphosate and other dangerous chemicals are approved in the EU.

This change did not happen on its own - it is a direct response to the European Citizens' Initiative to Ban Glyphosate, which our community worked tirelessly on last year. One of our demands was "to ensure that scientific evaluation of pesticides for EU regulatory approval is based solely on published studies…." [3].

It has been more than two years since our community started a campaign across the European Union to stop glyphosate. Since then, we have changed the debate across Europe, we have achieved more restrictions on glyphosate in several EU countries and we have kept the industry on alert [4].If we can get this law passed, we will have many more tools to oppose glyphosate and other unreliable chemicals entering our food chain in the future.

P.S:The next decision on glyphosate is coming up. If we can get this legislation through, we can get the EU to publish the safety tests that Monsanto - now Bayer - will present next year in order to get the green light from the EU. Once we have these tests, we can hire the best independent scientists to analyze them! If we want to stop glyphosate for good, we need to see the studies that the industry wants to keep secret.Sign now to tell your MEPs, the government and the EU Commission to make it possible.


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