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Homeopathy for children. The six must-have remedies for colds and flu

Homeopathy for children. The six must-have remedies for colds and flu

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When children get the flu or cold, you should be ready with remedies. Otherwise, you may end up in the doctor's office with a prescription for an antibiotic that might not be necessary. Instead, make your own homeopathic kit and keep these six remedies on hand at all times.

Below are the six remedies and the indications for which they are used. They can be taken in the potency of 6, 12, or 30 every hour for acute symptoms, then reduced to three times a day as symptoms subside. If symptoms do not improve within two days, switch to another remedy. These remedies can also be found in homeopathic cold and flu formulas.

1. Aconite

This remedy is indicated if the onset of the disease is sudden. Use aconite at the first signs of a cold or flu, especially when triggered by exposure to cold weather.

Aconitum is also indicated for asthma, dry and suffocating cough, sore throat and high temperature with great thirst. It can be helpful for a long list of ailments including tonsillitis, teething, and toothache, as well as animal bites, insomnia, intolerance to pain, a stiff neck, and ringing in the ears. Beyond colds and flu, aconite can be used for abdominal pain that is made worse by drinking cold water.

Homeopathy is not just for physical symptoms, which is why aconite is also indicated for extreme emotions such as fear, pain, anxiety, restlessness, or the feeling of impending death. Aconitum can be used for fear of surgery or dental work. These intense emotions can accompany physical symptoms.

2. Belladonna

Belladonna is indicated for hot, red, throbbing inflammation, redness and fever. It is commonly recommended if the pupils are dilated and the skin is dry and red. If the fever is high, the onset is acute, and the pain is severe, throbbing, and burning, belladonna is a remedy of choice.

This remedy is given for colds, earaches, or any condition with sudden onset and redness. Also, it is recommended for swollen glands, swollen joints, facial neuralgia, chickenpox, heat stroke, measles, and dizziness, as well as loss of voice and toothache.

Belladonna is indicated if symptoms are worse in the evening and at night, from noise, lying down, bright light, touch, or discordant movements, and symptoms improve from heat and while lying down.

3. Calcium carbonate

This remedy is indicated for diseases caused by stress and worry. It is used to increase the "vital force". When a child has a minor complaint, including teething, this remedy can be used. It is recommended if the child has a tendency to get cold and colds easily, and has cold, clammy feet and clammy hands.

4. Gelsemium

Gelsemium is indicated for a wide range of symptoms, including exhaustion leading to the flu, sneezing, sore throat, hot flashes, pain, tremors, heavy eyes, and absence of thirst, even in high temperatures. In addition, the child may experience muscle pain, difficulty swallowing, a runny nose, dizziness, and chills. Gelsemium can be helpful for weakness and exhaustion, and throbbing headaches. It is also used to treat anticipatory anxiety, such as pre-game or pre-test nerves.

This remedy is often indicated if symptoms are worsened by fright, excitement, frustration, or anticipation.

5. Hepar Sulfur.

This remedy is indicated if cold or flu symptoms accompany hypersensitivity and irritability. The child can be extremely sensitive to touch, pain or cold, even with a slight draft of air.

Hepar Sulfur may be helpful for barking cough after exposure to cold, dry air, with a rattle in the chest but little mucus. It is also recommended for a sore throat with the feeling of a splinter or thorn in the throat, earaches, tonsillitis, and sinusitis. It can benefit injuries that tend to become infected and are very painful.

6. Pulsatilla

This is a constitutional remedy, which means that it is useful for many conditions and is often prescribed for mental and emotional symptoms. Pulsatilla people are sensitive and can cry easily. Your moods can change quickly. They are hot blooded. They do not like heat or warm rooms and become lethargic.

Pulsatilla is used for any mucous condition with thick yellowish-green discharge; hay fever; styes on the eyelids; conjunctivitis with thick, yellow discharge; mumps with swollen glands; measles; or sinusitis with yellow discharge. In addition, it can benefit digestive disorders with swelling and tenderness of the abdomen after eating. Pulsatilla is often indicated if there is an absence of thirst and a rapid change in symptoms.

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, is the author of Homeopathic Remedies for Common Children's Ailments.

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