Living among vultures

Living among vultures

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Manuel Aguilera leads a life, all his life, living among vultures, to the point of being one of the few people capable of interacting with them in absolute freedom, a passion that has become a way of life and that has led him to promote projects of ghoul conservation in various places in Africa.

When he was barely ten years old, he was already hiding in the skeleton of a dead animal to feel the proximity of the vultures during a carrion, and today he leads thousands of tourists who, under very strict rules of behavior, want to experience the awe caused by feeling surrounded by these imposing birds.

The snapshot shows us a man wearing a blood-colored red raincoat; the same one he has been using for decades - surrounded by hundreds of vultures who consider him one of their own, many of whom he calls by name, and who depend, for better and for worse, on the supplementary feeding that his "friends of the vulture ”they provide.

Editing and editing: Raúl Casado
Image: Ángel Herrera
Production: José Luis Fernández-Checa
Video produced by the EFEverde Department of the EFE Agency within the framework of the project "Natural Faces 360" (#RostrosdelaNaturaleza # Rostros360) in collaboration with the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

Video: Vanishing Vultures - From Millions to near extinct (July 2022).


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