How much will it cost the Planet?

How much will it cost the Planet?

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We share a relevant audiovisual document, despite its "conspiracy", because it explains that there is a monopoly domination over societies by transnational companies that have control of energy, food (private property of seeds) and pesticides that kill us.

"Control food and you control people." In addition, it inquires about the origin of the money and the existence of "a financial elite" that controls the world over governments, and that in turn controls the food supply, health and education. (Min. 48, 53 and ss.)

In short, it is a document that deals with the domination of finance capital on a global scale, which, as we have previously pointed out, is the main one of the five oligopolies of the capitalist system on a global scale: finance, mass media, weapons of mass destruction, cutting-edge science and technology and renewable and non-renewable natural resources. This global monopolization is the central characteristic of the current stage of the capitalist system: globalization, in which the globalizers impose the conditions and the globalized suffer oppression and exploitation.

In this framework, from this magazine we consider that individual or simply group forms of resistance to globalization and its cultural, economic, ecological, etc .; rather, only the recovery of the political activity leading to the national management ofstate by thetownsof thesemi-colonial countriesit is the means for national and social liberation, and for achieving a more dignified life for human beings in accordance with human nature. (RIN)

Video: WHY ARE WE HERE? A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story. Full Documentary (July 2022).


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