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Bury an egg in your garden and see what happens a few days later

Bury an egg in your garden and see what happens a few days later

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Put an egg in the dirt of your garden and what happens a few days later will surprise you. Your backyard can produce an incredible harvest without costing you a fortune.

The egg will decompose little by little and will work as a natural fertilizer, providing your plants with many nutrients. You can also use only the peels that also contain calcium, phosphoric acid and nitrogen. We recommend applying the ground peels so that they assimilate better.

In addition, we tell you about other options for using the eggshells, such as small pots for the first plantings.

Watch the following video and know what other nutrients you can contribute to your plants naturally and with things that you usually discard.

Video: See What Happens When You Add Epsom Salt to Your Plants (July 2022).


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