The Seas and Oceans are dying. But you can help save them. Sign the petition

The Seas and Oceans are dying. But you can help save them. Sign the petition

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Our oceans are dying. The culprits? Global warming, plastic pollution and overfishing. Against this background, the European Union is not acting with the necessary urgency.

Next Tuesday, Europe's Environment Ministers - including French Minister Nicolas Hulot - will meet in Bulgaria. But the issue of the oceans is not even on his agenda.

If we can get ministers to speak during their meeting on protecting the oceans, they will have no choice but to revise their promises… and they will feel pressured to act at once!

There we will be, outside the meeting room, with a large banner. And disguised as fish and seahorses! The ministers who attend the meeting will not be able to ignore us.

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If we were to print the banner right now, it would say 114,524 people across Europe calling for the protection of the oceans. But we could have a greater impact if it said that we are 150,000. Would you join your voice to ours?

We already know from a meeting attendee that our rapidly growing petition is beginning to attract the attention of politicians and other delegates. Also, we have a plan to reach out to ministers directly, but we can't reveal it yet.

At this point, we must focus on continuing to collect signatures just as quickly to demonstrate the strength of our petition. Would you help us?

Let's take a closer look at the problem of overfishing, which poses a serious threat to our seas:

96% of fish stocks in the Mediterranean and 86% of those in the Black Sea are overfished [1]. 87% of the fish populations in the North Atlantic are on the verge of suffering or even already suffer from overfishing [2]. It is possible that some species of fish that we eat today will be extinct in a few years.

The EU recognized the crisis situation in which our oceans find themselves and drew up an action plan, which should have started to be implemented in 2015. However, the stark reality is that three years later its promises have not yet been fulfilled. Politicians continue to listen only to the demands of the fishing industry and ignore those of scientists and European citizens. But we do not lose hope, because there are simple and cheap solutions [3].

To protect marine life and jobs in the fishing industry, we have to get fewer fish caught. With a webcam that filmed the catch in each trawler and sensors in the fishing nets, compliance with the regulations could be controlled.

We are glad that the European Union has finally committed itself to protecting the oceans. And all thanks to the millions of people around the world who have raised their voices to demand that our seas be kept alive, including the more than 114,524 people from the Movemos Europe community who have joined the petition.

On Tuesday, we will be there to ask the environment ministers to fulfill their promise to protect the oceans.

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With determination,

Virginia, María and the rest of the Movemos Europa team.

PS: We have already shipped the manta ray and seahorse costumes to Sofia, Bulgaria. We will print the banner soon, but we want to wait until the last minute to include all the signatures. Do you want to add yours? Sign here!





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