Use it and eat it. Ecological and edible tableware: Goodbye plastic!

Use it and eat it. Ecological and edible tableware: Goodbye plastic!

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The ecological and edible tableware seems, for many people, something still distant from our day to day. But is not.

Plates, spoons, glasses and forks made with biodegradable and even edible materials, are the perfect alternative to say goodbye to plastics.

Green tableware is a paramount need on a planet that produces seas (literally) of plastic - It is estimated that by 2020, plastics production will exceed 500 million tons / year - 900% more than in 1980.

“Nature is made of perfect forms, so sublime that they cannot be compared, and they are wonderfully functional. Qiyun Deng has not just taken them as a model, but has been integrated into the design of this delicate tableware, where the fork is supported by a celery stalk, the spoon is an artichoke leaf and each utensil is made of plastic. biodegradable, obtained from vegetable fibers "

Ecological Corn Starch Tableware

Design and ecology

The Graft line, created by Chinese Chinese designer Qiyan Deng, is a great example of eco-friendly tableware. They are knives, forks and spoons produced from cornstarch, a biodegradable material.

Besides being ecological, this tableware is visually very attractive. Totally inspired by fruits and vegetables, the utensils transform into decorative elements of the table.

“A stalk of celery, for example, serves as a handle for a fork; an artichoke petal becomes a spoon ", the artist comments on her website, while she asks:" Would you be able to easily throw them away? "

Practical and economical

It is true that the utensils that make up the ecological tableware created by Qiyan Deng are true works of art. But, currently, we already have on the market a wide range of corn starch cutlery at a very good price.

A pack of knives, spoons or forks made of PLA (cornstarch) with 100 units costs, on average, 7.00. They are single use and 100% compostable.

Ecological Edible Tableware

Creation of the Indian Narayana Peesapaty, the edible cutlery is produced with rice, wheat and millet.

But this eco-friendly tableware is not simply edible. They are edible and tasty objects. You can choose between 8 different flavors. Among them, Cinnamon with Ginger, Celery with Ginger or Carrot with Beetroot. perfect to accompany meals.

Use them to eat and then eat them

Edible cutlery from Bakeys (Peesapaty's company) last about 3 years, are biodegradable and spoil in just 10 days - if you don't want to eat them.

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