Cluster headache: symptoms and natural remedies

Cluster headache: symptoms and natural remedies

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Cluster headache, called cluster because of the "shape" that the pain caused has in our head. It spreads like a "cluster" mine, in fact, and it strikes above all people between 20 and 50 years old. From some studies it seems that those belonging to the middle-upper economic classes and smokers are more likely to suffer from it, but a lot depends on daily habits we have and the headache propensity we were born with.

Cluster headache: symptoms

Cluster headache causes intense and one-sided pain, ci is only on one side of the head. The attacks are regular, they happen every now and then. An active phase of cluster headache can last a few weeks but even a couple of months, then the malaise does not occur for a while, and returns to peep out after a while. In the active phase the attacks are frequent and close together, they can last a quarter of an hour or 3 or 4 hours, most of the time they are at certain times of the day and year.

The symptoms can be different, it depends on the form of cluster headache we suffer from. In the episodic one, the attack lasts for a week or a few months and then no pain is felt for over 3 weeks, in the chronic one, the attacks are daily and without periods of respite. Fortunately, this last form of headache affects only one in 10 patients.

Cluster headache: therapy

The existing therapies aim to reduce the severity of the headache, to make the attacks shorter or in the best case even to prevent them. Pain relievers in general are not very effective, better a specific drug therapy. You can choose whether to do it as an attack or prophylactic, the drugs used for prevent or manage cluster headache however, they have side effects and it is good to check if they are suitable for those suffering from cluster headaches and other pathologies in progress.

Cluster headache: natural remedies

Drug therapy can be combined with a natural remedy for migraine and headache based on mother tincture, also available on Amazon to 9 euros.

Cluster headache: causes

Numerous hypotheses, absent certainties, or almost, about the causes that lead to cluster headache attacks. It is not the most common form of headache, also affects fewer people than migraines, and among its "victims" unlike other types of headache, there is a majority of men. One hypothesis speaks of genetic predisposition but it has yet to be verified.

Other experts think cluster headache is linked to the functioning of the hypothalamus which regulates sleep-wake cycles. If there is an imbalance in the management of circadian rhythms by the hypothalamus, the malaise that we define as cluster headache could originate. One thing that is certain, when in doubt about the causes, is that diseases like tumors or aneurysms, they have nothing to do with this headache.

Cluster headache: nutrition

A form of headache like this, and like others, can originate or reach more troublesome levels, if you do not have a healthy eating and a correct lifestyle. Correct means not smoking or abusing alcohol, sleeping regularly and not holding back too much stress. As for the diet strictly, in addition to alcohol, foods too rich in unsaturated fats should be limited and those difficult to digest, moreover, fixed times must be maintained for eating and not doing it when it happens.

Cluster headache: coffee

Sometimes we hear that "coffee gives me a headache". Coffee is not the culprit, it depends a lot on people and eliminating it can be a way to make attacks less strong or frequent. It is certain that you don't get cluster headaches by drinking coffee.

Those who already suffer from it, however, it is better to focus on sipping infusions, useful in case of headache and soothing based on valerian root, chamomile or lemon balm.

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