Xanthan gum

Xanthan gum

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Xanthan gum, few people know it by this name but if you go deeper into its uses it turns out that it is much more common than it is mentioned. We find it in fact used in the dietary field and in many food supplements, in the pharmaceutical field, as a food additive and also in the cosmetics sector where it is excellent stabilizer for suspensions and emulsions because it prevents the separation of the various ingredients.

Xanthan gum: thickener

With the initials E415 we can find xanthan gum used as a thickening and stabilizing additive in many food products, let's try to take a careful look at the food labels. Among the ingredients, in line by quantity, it will be rather at the bottom, because a small amount of this additive (0.5-1% or less) is enough to greatly increase the viscosity of a drink or the consistency of a food.

This rubber is obtained from the processing of natural strains of Xanthomonas campestris, its name derives from this plant. The preparation process involves microbial fermentation from which it is obtained by extraction with ethanol, or with propanol, a product to be dried and ground to obtain thexanthan gum. When bought, it comes as a cream colored powder, soluble in water or brine, but insoluble in alcohol.

Xanthan gum: gluten

Xanthan gum because it could be made from products containing common allergens. From wheat, or from wheat, milk and soy. However, it should be noted that gluten itself is not actually present in quantities exceeding 20 ppm, which is the EU limit for "gluten-free" labeling.

There may also be some allergic reactions or food intolerance for products that contain xanthan gum, are mainly due to the presence of protein components of corn, soy and wheat.

Xanthan gum: what it is

Xanthan is to be defined as a complex carbohydrate, a polysaccharide characterized by a high molecular weight. It is obtained as we have seen by bacterial fermentation of a simple carbon hydrate, such as glucose or sucrose. It is made up monomers of simple sugars including D-glucose and D-mannose, and also contains D-glucuronic and pyruvic acids.

The role of xanthan gum is to modulate the absorption of carbohydrates by decreasing the glycemic and insulin index of meals, for this reason it is recommended for those suffering from hyperglycemia, hypertriglyceridemia and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Even those who suffer from constipation find an ally in Xanthan because it absorbs water and thus facilitates the transit of feces.

Xanthan gum: where to buy

There xanthan gum it is not frequently found in supermarkets but should be found either in pharmacies or in some specialized shops. Before buying it, however, attracted by its properties, it is better to be aware of the contraindications that its consumption has. can he interfere with some drug therapies and can create allergies and intolerances, or intestinal problems. Infants are better off not giving it and the same goes for people who are already taking some food supplements with laxative properties.

Xanthan gum for sale online

On Amazon you can buy a pack of xanthan gumfrom 250 gr to 13 euros.

Xanthan gum: recipes

More than recipes, we talk about labels, because we find the xanthan gum in sauces, gravies, desserts and gluten-free foods, its presence makes these products heated or refrigerated without losing thickness. Also as a food supplement this gum is very useful because it increases palatability, satiating power and consistency, it is often present in foods low in fat and calories, in gluten-free baked goods or in
meal replacement powder.

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