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Types of beans

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Types of beans and green beans: on this page we will see all the varieties of beans grown in the world with a particular focus on those most common in Italy.

When we talk about legumes, i beans play a very important role in world nutrition. There are many species and varieties, some typical of our country.

Types of beans

THEbeansthey belong to the Leguminosae family and, botanically, there are two main genera:Phaseolus and Vigna. A good number of species are cultivated of these two genera. For each species many varieties are known. It is clear that there are many types of beans. For the sake of completeness, we will provide you with a list for species and a list of the most widely grown bean varieties in the world.

FAO recognizes the following species of beans

  1. Round bean, Phaseolus vulgaris
  2. Lima bean or butter bean, Phaseolus lunatus
  3. Azuki bean, Vigna angularis
  4. Mung bean or green soy, Vigna radiata
  5. Black bean, Indian bean or mung bean, Vigna mungo
  6. Risocea or rice bean, "rice bean", umbellata vineyard (in the photo below)
  7. Green bean, Vigna aconitifolia
  8. Tepary bean, Phaseolus acutifolius
  9. Eye bean, Vigna unguiculata

Only for the Phaseolus vulgaris species, there are very manyvariety of beans. Once harvested, all the beans can be consumed fresh or dried for off-season consumption (beans buckets).

Some beans can be eaten including pods with varietieseat everything like the samegreen bean. Let's make a list of:

Bean variety of the Phaseolus vulgaris species

  • Bingo
  • Blason de Biella
  • Blue of Valsassina
  • Borlotto Language of Fire
  • Borlotto Nano
  • Borlotto Suprema nano
  • Borlotto di Vigevano dwarf
  • Cannellin Scaramanzin negrèè
  • Cannellino
  • Fejuolo pacificus and the dramatic rind
  • To sing
  • White of Spain (Bean)
  • Giallorino della Garfagnana
  • Lamon (Lucian Fejuol)
  • Black Venice wonder
  • Roman Pole
  • Fesciela lamon negruccagiolos de Biella
  • Castagnaio fejuolo marron's
  • Sossai Extra Large (protected variety)
  • Stregonta and Stregonta dwarf
  • Superb Improved
  • Elegant bean
  • Beetle bean
  • Patron bean

Then there are the so-called ones of the same species variety eater like thegreen bean.

  • Yellow and green ring
  • Beurre de Rocquencourt
  • Bobis White
  • White Wheat Bobis and Black Wheat Bobis
  • Large Yellow Croissant and Large Green Croissant
  • Nano Butter eater
  • Nerina eater
  • Hermit crab bean eater
  • Prelude dwarf eater
  • Slenderette eater
  • Superpresto mangiatutto
  • Triumph Violet eater
  • Wade eater

Typical Italian bean variety

Of thespeciesofbeanPhaseolus vulgaris, they existtypical Italian varieties, many of which are listed as traditional agri-food products or protected by the IGP mark. The typical Italian bean varieties of the Phaseolus vulgaris species are:

  • Borlotto nano from Levada
  • Green bean "Wonder of Venice"
  • White bean from Pigna
  • Atina bean
  • Carìa bean
  • Mandia bean
  • Controne bean
  • Lamon bean from the Belluno Valley
  • Negruccio bean from Biella
  • Saluggia bean
  • Sarconi bean
  • Sorana bean
  • Gialét bean
  • Warm bean
  • Tondino bean from Villaricca (NA)
  • Zolfino bean
  • Fasóla posenàta from Posina (var.Bean from Spain)
  • Fasou de ’Brebbie (Brebbia bean)

Even among thegreen beansthere is no shortage of Italian specialties such asgreen beanof Lake Trasimeno. To taste the typical Italian bean varieties, you can contact the solidarity buying groups (GAS) of the various Italian cities or take advantage of online sales. There is no shortage of PGI varieties on Amzon. To take a look at the proposals, I refer you to "Amazon official page“.

Types of beans grown in the world

Thebean varietiesjust listed are numerous and belong only to a single species. At the beginning of the paragraph we have listed 9 species of beans recognized by FAO. For each species there are different variety. It is clear that on this page we will not be able to provide you with acomplete listof allbean varietiesgrown in the world; but, with the list recognized by FAO, we have provided you with a complete list of allbean speciesgrown in the world.

The Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus), shown in the photo below, is of Andean and Mesoamerican origin. It is currently grown mainly in Mexico and Argentina but is also known in Europe and the rest of the Americas.

Black-eyed pea or cowpea are very common in Italy, the Vigna unguiculata species, in the variety known as "cowpea", is a typical product of the Umbria and Marche regions.

Then there is no shortagebeansof Asian origin. Theadzuki bean(Vigna angularis, with the name that is pronounced from the Japaneseazuki) is also known as red bean. It is cultivated in a large part of Asia up to the foot of the Himalayas. The bean is small (5 mm) and there are also black, white and gray varieties.

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