Types of lentils

Types of lentils

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Types of Italian lentils: the varieties of lentils to be tasted. Which lentils to buy for a better result.

After reviewing the countless varieties of beans, let's move on to lentils focusing on the finest varieties of Italy.

Thelentilsare thelegumesmore versatile than our kitchen. They are suitable for first substantial, salads, pancakes, soups and broths. Thanks to themcolorsthey are also suitable for dishes full of imagination.

Colored lentils

In Italy we have red lentils (they are actually yellow - orange and can be found on the market peeled), green lentils, brown lentils and lentils.

Types of Italian lentils

The best varieties of lentils are the oldest ones, grown organically. In Italy, the most valuable varieties of lentils are:

Lentil from Castelluccio di Norcia
This lentil is covered by two quality marks: IGP. (Protected geographical indication) and PDO (protected designation of origin). It is an ancient variety, with a classic brown color. It is grown in the Marche areas and in the Sibillini Mountains Park.

Lentil from Santo Stefano di Sessanio
It is considered a traditional agri-food product and is a Slow Food presidium. This variety is very old, it is assumed that its first cultivations date back to the 12th century, on the L'Aquila highlands. Again we are talking about a brown lentil.

Lentil from Ustica
Like the previous one, this lentil is also considered a traditional agri-food product and a Slow Food presidium. These are probably thesmaller lentilsof Italy. They are characterized by a dark brown and organically grown on the island's land.

Onano lentil
Grown exclusively in the Municipality of Onano, in the province of Viterbo. It is a traditional agri-food product and a Slow Food presidium. It is an ancient variety: the first evidence dates back to 1561 and in the seventeenth century, there are documents that indicate its sale to the papal court. For this reason, they are known as thelentils of the popes

Lentil from Rascino,
Like the previous ones, we are talking about a traditional agri-food product and Slow Food presidium. TheseItalian lentilsthey are grown in the province of Rieti, in Lazio.

Altamura lentil
It's giant green lentilstasty and with a particularly compact consistency. They are considered a traditional food product, a typical Apulian product, characterized by a dark green color. They need 40 minutes of cooking.

Colfiorito lentil
It is among the variety of Italian lentilsbest known in the world. Included in the list of traditional Italian food products and are the symbol of Umbrian cuisine. Their color is light brown.

Villalba lentil
These lentils are of Sicilian origin, precisely in the province of Caltanissetta. Included in the list of traditional Italian food products and covered by the IGP mark. This lentil is large-seeded, colored green. For excellence it can be considered thegiant lentil: no other cultivated variety reaches its size (about 8 mm).

Ventotene lentil
Traditional agri-food product, they have an average diameter (from 3.5 - 4 mm). They are harvested in June and after drying they can be eaten all year round. They are light brown lentils.

Lentil from Valle Agricola
The lentils from Caserta, are originally from Campania (province of Caserta). Include in the list of traditional Italian food products.

Black lentils
On this page we have reported onlylentilsrecognized astypical Italianand therefore listed in the register of agri-food products of our tradition. Also thereblack lentilis among these products.

Sicilians use it for soups and broths. It can be cooked with broccoli, cauliflower, chard, onions and to be flavored with chilli and lemon zest. They are very versatile, to be prepared stewed, boiled ... leblack lentils, due to their particularity, they are perfect as a side dish for roast meat and fish.

Among the Italian varieties: black lentils from Leonforte or Monti Erei andblack lentilsBeluga, small and shiny.

Red lentils
Even if they go beyond the Italian food and wine tradition, we couldn't help but talk about the yellow lentils, better defined as "red lentils". Although they are called red lentils, they have a yellow - orange color. Red lentils, better known asEgyptian red lentils, have distant origins. They come from the Middle East and are for sale peeled.

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