Crossfit rope: review and price

Crossfit rope: review and price

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There crossfit rope is a tool increasingly used in the training programs proposed in crossfit, boxing, pilates, MMA coursesand other disciplines that include a "high intensity interval training“.

In this article I will present its characteristics and the differences from the most used strings in the past, using thecrossfit rope Cpokoh I ordered on Amazon.

Crossfit rope: characteristics

The crossfit rope differs from the ropes once used for the following characteristics:

  • the cable is made in steel and not plastic or rope
  • there length of the cable is adjustable
  • the knobs consist of two independent components which allow 360 ° rotation thanks to a mechanism consisting of ball bearings.
  • the knobs have a diameter on average inferior to that of traditional strings

Crossfit rope: steel cable

The steel cable allows in combination with the other components to perform a very high number of repetitions per minute, guaranteeing minimum resistance to air friction, lightness and handling.

The cable of the Cpokoh rope I tested has a diameter of 3 mm of which 2 mm consisting of the steel core and 1 mm consisting of the plastic coating.

Crossfit rope: length

There length of the Cpokoh crossfit rope cable that I used for my test was of 10 foot but I could easily adjust it according to my wishes by acting on the appropriate clamps.

There 360 ° rotation was confirmed fluid and without problems. The "plastic cap" to be inserted on the end of the rope to cover the end of the cable is also useful.

Crossfit rope: grips

The steel knobs allow to integrate the component with ball bearings and ensure maximum product durability.

Those of the Cpokoh rope that I tested had a length of 16 cm.

Cpokoh crossfit rope: packaging and price

The package of the Cpokoh crossfit rope included all the elements presented in the product sheet, including a simple but comfortable case ideal for carrying it in the gym bag.

Here are all the elements present in the package arranged on the table in my living room ...

The price of the Cpokoh rope is 39.99 euros but in this moment you find it on offer on Amazon at 13.59 Euros by clicking on this link.

Exercises with the crossfit rope

For those who want new ideas to train with the crossfit rope, I recommend this video in which you can see 12 different exercises:

Benefits of rope training

Training with the rope allows you to burn calories (and therefore fat) quickly improving one's resistance and strengthening the cardio-circulatory system.

Think that fifteen minutes of rope exercises will allow you to burn up to 200 calories. For overweight people, thirty minutes of skipping a day can lead to losing about a pound of weight in just 15 days.

Rope exercises work all the leg muscles, firm the buttocks and train the heart and lungs as well as being a great way to improve your coordination, especially put to the test by more complex exercises.

Rope exercises: tips and technique

To get the most benefit from rope exercises it is important to follow the correct technique. The ideal way to start would be to be followed by a personal trainer at the gym so that he can correct your mistakes.

However, here are my suggestions on some good practices to always keep in mind:

  • Perform low jumps. The higher you jump, the sooner you get tired.
  • Learn to jump with your "toes", keeping your heels raised.
  • To rotate the rope, use your wrists, limiting the movement of the arms as much as possible.
  • Try to keep your elbows tight, close to your body.
  • Remember to always drink adequately after finishing your exercise.

I'd say that's it for this article and I just have to wish you a good workout! :-)

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