German wirehaired pointing dog

German wirehaired pointing dog

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German wirehaired pointing dog, very widespread also in Austria, as well as in its Germany, and in Italy it is certainly not an unknown breed, indeed, more and more farms are dealing with it. To those who seem to have never heard of it, anticipation that may have called it so far with the term Drahthaar that derives from draht (wire) and haar (hair). A classic metaphor to clarify the bristly nature of his coat.

German wirehaired pointing dog

The original full name is "Deutscher Drahthaar", can also be called German Griffon and is a breed recognized and classified by the F.C.I. in its Group 7 dedicated to pointing dogs.

We owe the existence of this dog to groups of German hunters who long ago felt the need for a hunting companion suitable for working on any terrain and for any type of game. The German wirehaired pointing dog was born from the intersection of the Kurzhaar, the Pudel Pointer and probably the Airedale Terrier, the standard was defined in 1955.

German wirehaired pointing dog: loyal temperament

Character is one of the strengths of this dog. Docile and disciplined, he is undoubtedly a correct animal with his master with whom he develops an enviable understanding. He also knows how to adapt well to family life becoming an excellent companion dog.

It is not at all demanding from the point of view of education, it can result from that of toilet because the hard hair requires a lot of attention. It should be brushed at least 2 or 3 times a week and stripped during moulting periods. If we take our German wirehaired pointing dog out hunting or in the woods, he needs to be looked after even more.

German wirehaired pointing dog

This German pointing dog has a rough coat so we can also call it that, to distinguish it from the one with the short hair, but less rough. This is a considered breed very elegant, show endurance, speed and strength and is considered a tireless worker.

Its size is defined as medium, to better understand we take into account that males must measure at the withers 60 - 67 cm, females between 56 and 62 cm, the body is covered by coarse hair but equipped with a thick undercoat. The German wirehaired pointing dog can only be brown, at most with white shades, he then wears a thick beard and marked eyebrows, a straight tail that was once shortened to prevent it from getting entangled in the brambles and being cut while hunting.

German wirehaired pointing dog: breeding

Most of the farms dedicated to this breed are found in Germany and Austria but in Italy there is no shortage of them. We can search for them on the official ENCI website to be sure they are in order and certified. Despite being a generally healthy dog, the Drahthaar may have hereditary diseases such as hip dysplasia and the disease of Von Willebrand.

German wirehaired pointing dog: price

A puppy of German pointing dog, whether it is wirehaired or shorthaired, it can cost him 800 euros up. It always depends a lot on pedigree and sex, in general it is not among the most expensive dogs in the world but it requires a non-trivial investment.

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