How to fertilize roses

How to fertilize roses

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How to fertilize roses: from natural fertilizers to the best products on the market. Period and emergency fertilizations in case of diseases and deficiencies.

Fertilizer for roses

It is difficult to find a single natural fertilizer capable of supporting the entire nutritional needs of roses. These plants need a large number of nutrients and, among them, the main ones are:

Nitrogen (N)

It is essential for the development of new shoots, together with potassium and phosphorus, it is continuously consumed by the plant.

A nitrogen deficiency could be the cause of therose leaking leavesor a rose plant with yellow leaves. When there is a lack of nitrogen in the soil, roses sacrifice flowering.

Phosphorus (P)

It is essential for the production of flowers and for the development of seeds. Plants, including roses, use phosphorus for all metabolic processes.

A phosphorus deficiency results in stunted plant growth and leaves (especially older ones) turning dark. The tips and edges of the leaves become dark. If therose does not bloomit is probably a phosphorus deficiency.

Potassium (K)

Potassium makes the plant more resistant to drought and cold. Promotes tissue hydration and the absorption of other nutrients.

Potassium is so useful in increasing the cold resistance of plants that, in the most delicate cultivars, it is specifically administered, as is the case with succulents grown outdoors even in winter. For all information: how to protect succulents from the cold.

Iron (Fe)

Roses absorb small amounts of iron. A minimum contribution, however, is needed to ensure good photosynthesis. A symptom of iron deficiency is the yellowing of the leaf blade with the exception of the veins which remain green.

So if therose has yellow leaves, observe it: are the ribs also yellow? It is nitrogen deficiency. Do the veins remain green while the rest of the leaf is yellow? It is iron deficiency.

Manganese (Mn)

Like iron, manganese also serves to ensure good photosynthesis. Therosethey absorb small quantities. A lack of manganese leads to an abnormal coloration of the leaves, especially of the younger ones with the appearance, in the long run, of black spots (necrotic notches). Why does this happen? Because manganese is used in the production of chlorophyll, which is the pigment that makes fabrics green.

How to fertilize roses

Between fertilizers which provide, in a balanced way, the nutrients mentioned, I point out the granular fertilizer for rosesToprose by Bayer. This fertilizer, to the listed nutrients, addsnatural activatorswhich increase the development of roots and buds. It can be used for both potted roses and open ground roses. On Amazon, this fertilizer is offered by Bayer at a price of 17.65 euros with free shipping costs.

For all information: Toprose granular fertilizer

It is a slow release and above all long lasting fertilizer. When to fertilize? The fertilizer is slow release, this will allow you to make it over a long distance. You can add it at the beginning of March and still administer it between the end of May and the beginning of June. Administer again around September in order to support the plant in view of the winter season, remember that potassium will make your roses more resistant to cold.

N.B .:I pointed out Bayer rose fertilizer but Campo rose fertilizer has a similar formulation.

How to fertilize roses naturally

Who seeksnatural fertilizerswill have tosweata little to meet the nutritional needs of roses. To ensure the rose has the right dose of potassium, it is possible to irrigate the plants with fern macerates. Fern is a potassium-rich plant. You can use it, chopped, also for mulching the rose and, as it degrades, the potassium intake of your soil will increase.

Like ferns, you can use banana peels. Break them up and bury them superficially at the foot of yoursrose.

These natural fertilizers they will improve the supply of organic matter (especially nitrogen), add potassium, phosphorus and small amounts of magnesium.

The natural fertilizers par excellence include guano, manure and ox blood, the latter being useful for those who fertilize with banana peels because it integrates doses of iron.

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