Acquascaping: aquarium furniture

Acquascaping: aquarium furniture

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Acquascaping or the art of decorating aquariums with art. Experts are able to effectively rebuild one natural scene right inside a fish tank. Whether it is a landscape of submerged nature such as the bottoms of rivers, or a panorama "land", Depicting hills, plains, woods and forests, aquascaping takes the trouble to re-propose it below the water level, giving rise to truly magical effects and not only for the guests of the aquariums, also for the owners of the human race.

Aquascaping: how to do it

To become an aquascaping expert it is necessary know and know how to apply principles and techniques that are used to create compositions inspired by nature in aquariums. You get real natural aquariums that they know evoke landscapes inspired by those we know even if invented from scratch from time to time. It is important that, in addition to mastering the techniques, the aquascaping expert also knows how to convey emotions with his aquatic projects.

Those who want to devote themselves to this discipline cannot fail to have knowledge about it the cultivation of aquatic plants and at the same time it is necessary that he knows how to manage aquariums that are also quite demanding in which environment and living beings coexist in harmony.

Aquascaping: aquarium

Playing with shapes, volumes, colors and perspective, aquascaping wants to create emotions and environments that can give joy and satisfaction to both those who live inaquarium and to those who keep the aquarium at home and value it as the best element of their home.

L'aquascaper before making your own work reflects on the relationship between man and nature who wants to tell so that the scene can interpret it in the best possible way, hitting the mark and sensitizing even observers who have no knowledge specific techniques.

It is very important to understand that aquascaping it is not reduced to an attempt to reproduce and miniaturize, it requires a very important and not obvious extra step: the personalization of the experience that the creator has when he stands in front of a certain landscape.

Aquascaping nano

You can make scenes of nature in aquariums on various scales, also very small. It is always very difficult to work in the "micro" but at the same time they can be obtained with a little patience truly fascinating results.

It is important, even more so when it comes to nano aquascaping, have complete mastery of the composition techniques that mainly concern the artistic side of the work: the arrangement of the elements, the proportions, and then the dimensions, shape, colors of the furnishings and shades. It is necessary to know how to set up even on a more practical level and when the scale you are working on is small, accuracy is essential.

Before moving on to the part that is then visible, it is necessary to take care of the preparation and assembly of the hardscape, with a careful choice of materials and accessories.

Aquascaping: plants

An aquascaping without the use of plants loses a lot of effectiveness, in fact the aquascaper must know everything about planting and cultivating aquatic plants and also on their management once they have been introduced into the landscape. Once everything has been set up, in fact, the plants must be followed as they grow, with adjustments, fertilization and pruning, because do not negatively affect the general balance of the landscape.

Since they are also in the aquarium the fish, before you start creating an environment for them it is good to understand the mechanisms behind the symbiosis between plants and fish inside the aquarium that are in the aquarium together with woods and roots, rocks, substrates and decorative sand.

Aquascaping Italy

In Italy, aquascaping has yet to have its "boom" but it's spreading pretty fast. It is a discipline that comes from Japan where it was born in the mid-90s, certainly embodying the spirit and philosophy of Bonsai and Zen Garden.

In addition to private homes, it spread to the East in urban centers where many citizens have understood how it could become a way to have a garden without having one “land” green space.

Aquascaping lab

There are some aquascaping courses and online manualsand, and nice accessories also pop up in e-commerce stores that can make us want to give ourselves to aquascaping, like this one underwater treasure hunter to be placed in an aquarium as a decoration. Up Amazon costs 7 euros and is made of durable resin, the fish seem to have a lot of fun.

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