Memory Foam mattresses: advantages

Memory Foam mattresses: advantages

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Memory Foam mattresses, mattresses made with a material that comes directly from overseas, and beyond. From NASA that patented it years ago and kept it for itself for years and years. When it was possible to use Memory also in other areas, in the field of mattresses it was immediately successful. It actually brings many advantages and today it also manages to have prices within everyone's reach.

Memory Foam mattresses: what they are

These mattresses are of Memory Foam, a material that we can define as one foam, made from polyurethane and chosen for its ability to adapt to the pressure of the body. In fact, Memory Foam literally translates as "memory foam", a foam that deforms temporarily in order to accommodate the body that rests on it. Just imagine it to understand the extreme comfort that can offer Memory Foam mattresses.

To obtain this "magical" material, now that the process is no longer a mystery, polyurethane must be used by adding a mix that increases its viscosity, made up of different substances. By placing a layer that adapts to the body to a sort of more rigid base, you get a mattress in which, without sinking, you are welcomed. It supports the body but at the same time "pampers" it.

NASA had not made it to make mattresses for astronauts, but to prevent the acceleration force to which they were subjected could damage them physically, even when awake. With the Memory Foam it wrapped the spine protecting it from the acceleration to which it was subjected at the moment of launch. Today the same material protects us on the journey between the real and the dream world, sometimes equally violent!

Memory Foam mattresses: advantages

There Memory Foam makes the mattresses self-modeling, this means that our footprint does not remain hours and hours after we get up and in a short time the surface is ready to be modeled on a new different body or to remain in its original form waiting for us to go back to bed . This also means that if we change position, the Memory Foam mattress does not oppose but follows the variation while remaining comfortable. Even if we therefore have nights in which we change many positions, this mattress follows us making sure that ours back remain perfectly straight. This avoids pain in the bones, muscles and joints.

There Memory Foam is thermosensitive, it becomes stiffer with low temperatures and softer with high ones but does not increase the sensation of heat so in summer it is not at all annoying. A mattress with these characteristics is not only comfortable but also brings physical benefits: it facilitates circulation and minimizes the stagnation of liquids that are best distributed in the body.

Memory Foam Mattresses Class 1 Medical Device

The Mia Suite Memory Foam Mattresses has all the requirements to be considered a Class 1 medical mattress, this means not only a guarantee of quality and usefulness but also savings. While this recognition elects it as adequate and correct support, suitable for ensuring a high quality rest, on the other hand it gives us the opportunity to benefit from the 19% deduction, subject to prescription on the doctor's letterhead.

These mattresses are classified as medical devices because they are orthopedic, anti-mite, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti-mold, indicated for the prevention and onset of allergies and respiratory diseases. They are often recommended for preventing pressure sores.

MiaSuite memory foam mattresses

The story of MiaSuite, a company that provides a wide range of Memory Foam mattresses, is a story of attention not only to our rest but also to the environment in which we live. This starting from basic choices like that of sending tax documents and certifications attached in electronic format, one of those significant and impactful gestures.

MiaSuite was also among the first companies to sponsor and apply the vacuum-packed shipping of mattresses which, it seems trivial, but has led to a reduction in fuel consumption in an even higher percentage, in some cases, 70%.

The production of its mattresses takes place in full respect of the environment and man, they have a high standard of quality, the materials used are Oeko Tex certified in all cases, in all the mattress versions that we find proposed. The prices depend a lot on the size of the bed, the type of support that is under the layer of Memory and the composition but the quality is always high.

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