Wakame seaweed, all the info

Wakame seaweed, all the info

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Wakame seaweed, from recipes to contraindications. Ownership, advice on use and useful information onwakame seaweed for weight loss.

There wakameit is an edible seaweed, or, as they define it abroad, it is one"Sea vegetables"(sea vegetable). Its botanical name is Undaria pinnatifida,it is classified as "brown alga" and is three of the most popular algae used in cooking. For more information on algae to eat, I refer you to the page: seaweed in the kitchen.

Dried wakame seaweed

In Italy as, moreover, throughout the West, thewakame seaweedit is among the most popular oriental seaweeds in the kitchen: it has a light flavor, much more delicate than kombu seaweed.

Wakame and Kombu are two food algae to buydried.Once re-hydrated, after soaking, these two algae differ greatly.

The kombu, in fact, looks like a large brown stripe while thewakameopens like a leaf and has a greener color.

Wakame, properties and contraindications

If we dwell on thenutritional properties, we see that thewakameand thekombuthey share many benefits. Wakame, compared to kombu, is less rich in iodine, it is, on the other hand, rich in calcium, it provides abundant amounts of B vitamins and vitamin C. It provides micronutrients such as magnesium and iron. If you are looking for thyroid benefits because you are trying to take iodine, kombu seaweed is more suitable.

It has no detailscontraindications, some studies show that it can regulate blood pressure and could be useful for those suffering from stomach acid and gastroesophageal reflux. On the other hand, the fucans contained in it are considered anticoagulants so you should avoid seaweed or wakame-based supplements in case of impending surgery or bleeding problems.

Wakame for weight loss, does it work?

A research * conducted at the University of Hokkaido, highlighted the ability ofwakame seaweed for fat burning. In particular, the compound known as fucoxanthin, a pigment typical of some brown algae, of which thewakame seaweedthey are rich, they would be able to induce the expression of the fat-burning factor (the UCP1 protein).

The increase in UCP1 levels was correlated with a significant increase in the metabolism of fat accumulated in the body.

Is there a recommended daily amount?
A typical portion of 10 grams of wakame (roughly equivalent to a spoonful) contains 4 kcal. It is clear that the intake in terms of calories of the wakame seaweed is very low. When it comes to dried seaweed, there is no recommended daily dose, generally, one or two tablespoons (10 - 20 g) are added to the soup. On the other hand, with 10 grams of this algae, you will be able to take 15 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, thiamin and niacin (vitamin PP).

Wakame seaweed, where to buy them

Wakame seaweed, where to find it? If you are wondering where to buy thedried wakame seaweed, you can turn to oriental food and wine shops or take advantage of online sales. On Amazon, for example, a package of dried wakame seaweed is offered at a price of 8.49 euros. A good price if you consider that, until recently, when I wanted them dried wakame seaweed to prepare a miso soup I had to shell out at least 15 - 20 euros for 50 gr. For all information, I refer you to"This Amazon page".

How many seaweed to add to dashii for soba or miso? It depends, personally I never go beyond 5 - 7 grams of dried product. However, there are also larger packs!

Wakame seaweed, recipes

How to cook thewakame seaweed? You can use them in all ramen or soba-based recipes, to enrich katsuobushi, okonomyaki and takoyaki. For some recipes, I refer you to the page:

Fucoxanthin from edible seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida, shows antiobesity effect through UCP1 expression in white adipose tissues "Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Video: Wakame - 5 Surprising Health Benefits of this Super Seaweed (July 2022).


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