Giant moon: when and why

Giant moon: when and why

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Giant moon, we have just seen one, at the beginning of December 2017, we will see others shortly, very shortly, but because we are talking about "Giant" if the Moon is always the same? We see it bigger and it takes little to understand why. This does not mean that we cannot be charmed and in silence in good company, admire it.

Giant moon: when

At the end of 2017 thegiant moon made its appearance in our skies at the beginning of December, particularly beautiful was Sunday 3 December and also Saturday 2. 2018 reserves us for three spectacular evenings, immediately, in January, on January 2, 2018 and also January 31 when, if we are in Australia, we will see a total eclipse.

For these dates we can organize ourselves and reach a place where the sky is "clean" enough to embrace with our eyes the Moon in all its roundness, or watch it in the warmth thanks to the live broadcast on the site Virtual Telescope Project and on the website of NASA. Of course, the experiences are not comparable but it is also true that near big cities it is difficult to find a corner of the sky without lights.

Giant moon fish

It is also called Grinding wheel from the Latin mola, "millstone, mola", is the sunfish, and it is giant. It is among the heaviest bony fish, it can reach a height of 4.2 meters, 3 meters in length and about 2.268 kg of weight. A respectable amount for a fish that lives in tropical but also Mediterranean coastal waters, its favorite areas, however, are those of South Africa and Australia.

We have not yet "justified" the name sunfish but it is soon done: this animal has an elongated, ovaloid shape, very compressed at the sides which makes it look like a moon, a giant moon, with a fleshy tail fin and a small, fan-shaped pectoral fin.

It is not over: it is called sunfish also because it shines and it does so because of its skin which, about 15 cm thick, hosts various species of parasites and microorganisms that cause the bioluminescence phenomenon.

Giant moon: why

Let's go back to Moon that is in the sky, and not in the oceans and seas, investigating why it appears to us on certain days so wonderfully giant. It is and remains the usual Moon but it approaches the Earth more than ever so it seems bigger and brighter.

When this satellite is in the closest position to Earth, it has reached yours perigee, it often happens to not always coincide with the phase of the full Moon. When we have this happy combination thereto Luna it seems bigger and brighter by about 7%, our eye, if attentive, can perceive it.

Giant moon in a dream

Dream the full moon is a sign of impulsiveness and great emotions that take over our most rational part. It is typical of the fiery person who lets himself be easily passionate about situations and other living beings, by the way or inappropriately.

The Moon, full or not full, remains a mysterious message that our dreams send us, winks at the feminine, at the charm to sweetness but with a touch of ambiguity and of "lunaticism".

Giant moon: photo

It is not at all easy to photograph the Moon, let alone a giant. Better enjoy it from life, with our eyes to the sky and not to the smartphone, and if we want a portable and domestic one we can get it a moon-shaped lamp, LED, table, with a sensor for the hue that lets us choose the cold or the warm one. It costs 20 euros on Amazon, has built-in rechargeable batteries, has 3 hours of autonomy. Given the giant Moon, you certainly cannot fail to admire and know the Blood Moon

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