Calculation of fertile days

Calculation of fertile days

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How to calculate the fertile days:come ontest for ovulationto the calculation of the fertile period to increase the chances of conception.

When a couple chooses to have a child it is necessary calculate which are the fertile periods of the month, that is, the days when you are more likely to become pregnant and be fertilized.

How to get pregnant?One of the surest ways to get pregnant and not get overly stressed when calculating fertile days is to have sex with your partner every three days. Of course, even following this method and having continuous intercourse, it is not sure that the oocyte and the sperm are able to meet, but the possibilities increase dramatically.

Anyone who wants to further increase the chances of conceiving a child can calculate the fertile period so as to concentrate "efforts" on those specific days of the month.

How to calculate the fertile period

For calculate the fertile period there are countless methods. One of the most used, but also among the most uncertain, is the calculation of fertile days based on the last menstrual cycle. In fact, the ovulation period occurs after about two weeks, from the beginning of the menstrual flow.

So, fourteen days after the start of the cycle it is possible to find days of maximum fertility. This method is not scientifically accurate. Because not all women have perfectly regular cycles, and when these undergo a variation, inevitably even the days when you are most fertile are no longer the same. So let's see what are the main methods for calculating the fertile period.

Ovulation, how it is calculated

The fertile days often coincide with ovulation. A method used to recognize the arrival of this period is the control of the cervical mucosa.

The cervical mucus presents with transparent losses that can be found on the panty liners, when approaching the fertile days.

The cervical mucus is transparent, however it has a consistency between watery and sticky. Furthermore, the closer you get to the day of greater fertility, the more the mucus becomes gelatinous and similar to that of an egg white.

True ovulation does not last for many days, in reality it occurs for one or two days at most. And these are the days when having sexual intercourse is more likely to be successful.

Use this method, only if you know your body's progress and reactions to ovulation well, you can recognize the fertile days. Furthermore, even this method may be unreliable, as some conditions and disorders, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, could lead to the consistency of the mucus difficult to observe.

Fertile days and body temperature

A completely natural way, which allows you to find out which are or not fertile days is to measure your basal temperature in the morning as soon as you wake up.

Basal temperature measurement is a more reliable method than those already mentioned. To identify the day of ovulation with this practice, it is necessary to note when there is an increase in body temperature or not.

It is scientifically proven that afterovulation basal temperature can increase between 0.3 and 0.5 degrees compared to normal days.

How to measure the basal temperature?

To be able to calculate the basal temperature exactly, you need to use a special one vaginal thermometer. In this way you will be able to find out what your base temperature is, when ovulation is not present.

Using this thermometer every day, after at least 5 consecutive hours of sleep, you will be able to find out which are the ones where the temperature is higher. When it increases by half a degree, then it means that you are in the middle of ovulation. This method, although more certain than the others, should only be used if you do not suffer from stress or anxiety, or insomnia.

A vaginal thermometer it is not very different from the classic thermometer, it is generally simply made of rubber or plastic material that is easier to clean.

Where to buy it? In the pharmacy or on Amazon, at "this Amazon address" you can see different models, the cheapest can be bought with 10 euros and shipping costs included.

Calculation of fertile days with the ovulation test

To succeed in identify fertile days with extreme certainty, simple tests sold both in pharmacies and supermarkets can be used. These ovulation sticks are similar to pregnancy tests and should be used in the same way.

Every test for ovulation indicates when you are fertile and when you are not. The moment you urinate over a stick, you will notice some specific lines appear. When these are two, then it means that at that moment you are not fertile. On the other hand, if you only notice a dash on the test, then you are fertile and you can try to get pregnant and have a baby.

Also in this case, for the purchase it is possible to go to the pharmacy or take advantage of the online purchase. Among the best available on the market, we point out the One Step Ovulation Tests available at“This Amazon page”At the price of 14.98 euros with free shipping costs.

There are 50 in the purchase package ovulation test one step (ultra-sensitive, therefore very reliable) and 10 pregnancy tests to check if conception has occurred.

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