Fennel au gratin, the best recipes

Fennel au gratin, the best recipes

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Fennel au gratin: quick and easy recipes to prepare baked fennel or fennel graten, tasty and light. Classic or vegan recipe.

Fennel is a seasonal vegetable that is widely used in both autumn and winter. Fennel can be enjoyed in salads, boiled, baked au gratin, or fried. Fennel au gratin are excellent for preparing a side dish, or a tasty and different second course. These can be seasoned with countless spices and aromas, which can give the fennel a better flavor and make the various preparations different.

Fennel au graten or au gratén, classic recipe

The classic recipe some fennel gratén it is very simple and just a few ingredients are enough to make them good and tasty. To prepare this dish you will have to wash the fennel thoroughly after which you can cut them into slices of about one centimeter. After having cut and washed them, just place them on a baking tray, salt and pepper them, and add parsley to taste. After having seasoned them to make them crunchy, sprinkle the fennel with bread and grated cheese. Finally, sprinkle everything with a little olive oil or a few pieces of butter. The fennels will finally be cooked in the oven at 180 ° for about twenty minutes.

Fennel au gratin with bechamel

Fennel au gratin they can be made tastier by adding béchamel to the classic preparation. To prepare this dish, it is recommended to make homemade bechamel, as it is tastier and smoother than the ready-made one. To make this dish you will need to wash and cut the fennel, place them in a pan and dress them finally, pour over the béchamel and finally use the breadcrumbs and parmesan or parmesan cheese to make them crisp.

Fennel au gratin, vegan recipe with or without bechamel

This dish can also be prepared in a tasty way for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. To prepare some vegetarian fennel gratén or vegan, you can follow the procedures seen for the classic recipe, simply eliminating the sprinkling of parmesan. Instead, to prepare the vegan fennel au gratin with the béchamel, just follow the classic procedure.

After that instead of preparing the béchamel with ingredients of animal origin, just prepare the vegan version with: vegetable oil, soy milk, flour, salt and nutmeg.For the recipe: vegan bechamel.

Fennel au gratin: light recipe

Fennel au gratin, they already seem a light and digestible recipe, but how can they be made even healthier and lower in calories? Before cooking in the oven, choose to blanch the fennel, in this way they will cook in the oven first and there will be no need to use too much oil. Finally, place them in a pan and season them, making sure to use a little salt, to brown them instead of bread, you can grate carrots and potatoes and add a little parsley and salt. By placing this mixture of vegetables on top of the fennel with a drizzle of oil, it will be possible to obtain crunchy fennel without the use of bread.

Fennel au gratin with ginger

A very tasty and particular dish they are fennel with ginger béchamel baked au gratin. To prepare this dish, simply follow the procedure proposed for classic fennel. The peculiarity is given by the tasty béchamel to be flavored with ginger. This spice must be added to the cooking of traditional or vegan bechamel. You can add both powdered ginger and fresh ginger pulp. In the second case, the flavor of this spice will be felt more intensely.

Fennel au gratin without bechamel

Finally, i spiced fennel au gratin they are a light dish but ideal for enjoying vegetables with a slightly oriental flavor. THE fennel graten with spices they are very simple to make, after having cut them thinly and placed in a pan add: salt, pepper, ginger, paprika and curry. After adding the spices, just finish everything with breadcrumbs, grated cheese, and finally olive oil or butter.

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