How to grow strawberries from seed

How to grow strawberries from seed

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How to grow strawberries from seed: detailed instructions for thestrawberry cultivationin pots or in the garden, starting with a simple sachet of seeds. Best time to start cultivation of strawberries from seed and when to collect.

Today we talk about thecultivation of strawberries from the seedbecause… let's face it, everyone will have bought one of those nice sachets of seeds!

When to sow strawberries

According to the variety, on the back of the sachet, the period of sowing. Regardless of the period, let's say thestrawberriesthey prefer a cool temperate climate, they are much more sensitive to humid heat rather than cold. You can usually start thesowingin a protected environment since January, and sow in the open field between March (in the south) and April / May in the north.

Strawberries, sowing period

In summary, it can be said that sowing in greenhouses, in sheltered alveolate containers or simply in pots, at home, can take place between January and February. Different speech for the sowing of strawberries in the garden. Those who sow in the open field will have to do it between March and May.

When to plant strawberries

The sowing temperatures, to ensure the germination of strawberries, must be around 10 degrees while those for cultivation (therefore for planting the plants) are about 15 degrees. You can plant already developed plants when the outside temperatures, even at night, have reached 15 ° C.

How to grow strawberries from seed

To start astrawberry cultivation, it is necessary to have a soft, light and well drained soil. The soil must be fertile and rich in organic substances, it will be enough, before planting, to rake the soil and enrich it with well-decomposed organic compost or mature manure in quantities of 2-3 kg per square meter of land.

To start thestrawberry cultivationstarting from the seed it will be necessary to “pass obligatory stages” such as germination and transplantation. After sowing, in the open field or in a protected environment, wait for the first sprouts to emerge from the seed.

How to sow strawberries

It is important to soften the seed integument with a chamomile bath in order to improve yield and timing: before sowing, place the seeds in a glass with an infusion of chamomile at room temperature. Wait 5 - 10 minutes and then you are ready for planting.

What do you need to sow strawberries?
Lots of pots, a DIY seedbed or honeycomb containers. Those who want to sow in a protected environment and then plant a good number of plants in the garden, will necessarily have to aim for cellular containers in order to maximize yield in a small space.

TOthis Amazon pageyou will find 3 honeycomb containers with 3 transparent trays to cover the strawberry seedsso as to allow thesowingsince January and February in the south and March in the south. For plant strawberries in the vegetable garden, you will have to wait until March for the south and April for the north.

In addition to the seedbed / honeycomb container, you will also need some soft soil. Sowing is simple: arrange 2 - 3 seeds for each alveolus and, after germination, keep only the strongest plant in development. Immediately after planting, moisten the soil and keep it moist throughout the germination period.

You can proceed with theplant strawberries in the gardenwhen the seedlings have developed 3 - 5 leaves.

How to plant strawberries

The implantation operation, for whomcultivatein the open ground, it must take place from May to September. Strawberry seedlings, after planting, need frequent watering, especially if the planting takes place in summer. During the growing season it will be necessary to fertilize thestrawberry cultivationwith fertilizers based on phosphorus and potassium. To protect the plants from winter frosts, mulching made with straw, foliage and hay can be used.

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