Plants for sunny balcony

Plants for sunny balcony

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Plants for sunny balcony: here are the plants to grow on a balcony exposed in full sun. Choice and tips for growing plants on sunny terraces and balconies.

If you have a nice sunny balcony for most of the day, there is nothing better than taking advantage of this position in order to enrich the outdoor space of your home with some beautiful plants that can enrich the apartment with colors and scents!

But what are the best plants for sunny balcony? Making a summary of all the opportunities you have at hand is certainly not possible, but nothing prevents us from offering you some ideas that will allow you to give your balcony a new life.

We have therefore identified 8 alternative practices!

Plants for sunny balconies: sage

Let's start with one of our favorite choices, the ornamental sage. A choice that, probably, will also be among the ideal options for all our readers who have little time to devote to the care of their green area, considering that sage needs little water and little attention.

Of course, the above doesn't mean you should overlook it! If you put the right care in it, you will get beautiful small red or blue inflorescences. The variety officinalis will allow you to use this plant even in the kitchen, thus doubling its usefulness!

Plants to grow on the sunny balcony: Geranium

It is one of the "great classics" in the sunny balconies of Italians and Italians. The geranium, with its many versions, will certainly allow you to color your balcony with many shades: easy to grow, characterized by a management that is not particularly difficult even for those who do not have a natural green thumb, it will be able to enhance your balcony or your terrace.

Plants for balconies in full sun: Lavender

There lavender is another of the main favorite choices for all those who are thinking of enriching their balcony with color. And, above all, of aromas: lavender, with its fragrant flowers, will be able to give a unique and clearly distinguishable touch to your balcony. If you wish, you can collect its flowers and place them in bags to use to perfume cabinets and drawers.

For more info: how to grow lavender in pots

Plants for balconies in full sun:Petunia

If your balcony is well exposed to the sun, and you are looking for a flower that does not fear the light, the petunia it could be an ideal option to color this outdoor space with its thousand shades. In fact, petunia requires care that is not particularly difficult to guarantee: it will be sufficient to ensure at least six hours of light a day, and - obviously - the right watering.

Plants for balconies in full sun:Glass flower

The glass flower, the poetic name of purslane, is another of the main suspects to be able to give your balcony the right touch of color. In fact, this plant loves sun exposure, and in exchange for the right positioning it will be able to give you a wonderful cascade of fragrant flowers that take the form of small roses. Various colors and easy maintenance complete the main reasons that should push you to give the right confidence to this choice.

Plants for sunny balconies: Plumbago

You know the plumbago? Common name of the plumbago auricolata, it is one of our favorite options of recent years. In fact, the plummet loves the displays that your sunny balcony will be able to give it, and can ensure you a good supply of blue flowers. The chromatic result is really fantastic!

Plants for sunny balconies: Lantana

Present in Italy especially in the major islands, the lantana it is a species native to tropical areas and, by now, able to penetrate correctly and with good hopes of longevity even in many areas of Italy. Red, yellow, white and orange are the most common colors, and those that could give a particular charm and appreciation shade to your balcony!

Plants to grow on the sunny balcony: Hibiscus

Finally, we close with thehibiscus, a very varied genus and able to include dozens of different varieties, among which to choose your favorite. With low maintenance and a propensity for sun exposure that will reward positioning on sunny balconies, it will adapt to your outdoor green space by giving you flowers of great beauty, which can also be grown in small pots. For more info: hibiscus, repotting and cultivation

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