How to tighten a watch

How to tighten a watch

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How to tighten a watch: a guide that will explain how to shorten the strap of a watch, be it a bracelet or a Milanese mesh strap. All instructions and photos.

The advice is this: when you buy a watch from any retailer, it has themustto adjust the strap. So, once purchased, at the checkout, measure it and ask to remove and mesh to better adjust it.

The speech, however, is not so simple when it comes to a watch received as a gift or purchased using offers on the net. The watch will arrive with the strap adjusted to the maximum length and ... unless you have the pulse of the incredibleHulk, it will go great! In this article I will explain to youhow to shorten a watch band.

How to tighten a Casio, Swatch, Rolex or other watch with a bracelet strap

The bracelet strap is the most common. The bracelet is made up of several links that can be more or less wide.

Rest thewatch strapon your wrist and find how many shirts you need to remove. I also advise you not to throw away the removed links but to keep them, if the strap is made of steel, a link could chip or scratch, in this way you would have a link to replace the broken one in case of repair!

The links must then be removed with a certain logic: if you have to remove two, subtract one for each of the two sides of the strap.

Turn the watch and look on the back of the strap, you will notice that the metal bracelet (be it Casio, a Swatch, a Seiko or a more prestigious Rolex), in correspondence with the clasp, has arrows. Those arrows tell you where to act to remove the links e shorten the watch strap.

Well, then how to take them off?
To make it, you will need a small tool. You could try to push them away with a very thin optician screwdriver, but if you don't already have it at home, you should buy a kit to tighten and repair watches. Nothing expensive, don't worry! On Amazon there are many models, including cheap ones.

For example, the one shown in the photo above (personally tested by me to tighten the metal bracelet strap for Apple Watch and that of an old Casio watch) can be bought on Amazon for 7.99 euros with free shipping. For all information I invite you to visit"This Amazon page".

You will notice that several awls will come out in the package. I, both forshorten the metal strap of the Casio watchthat for the Apple Watch bracelet strap I used the one that was already mounted, the others I have never used. The links are subtracted and assembled in the same way, I assure you that the process is intuitive and you will not have any difficulties. The most scrupulous, during the process, will be able to protect the watch strap to tighten with a soft cloth for cleaning the lenses (one also comes out in the package ... personally I have not used it and nothing has happened, just a little delicacy).

To understand how to do the adjustment of the watch bracelet strap, see my photo below.

How to adjust a Milan or Milanese jersey watch

Here you go even more relaxed! The process is simpler than you can imagine. How to tighten a Milanese mesh strap? You will need a very small screwdriver, the one used for glasses or ... you can use a double needle but not on the tip side but on the eye side (the hole where the thread passes).

Turn the watch so you can see the back of the Milanese mesh strap that you want to adjust: do you notice an arrow? If you don't notice it, turn it over again and look at the opposite side, notice a very small arrow? The arrow is generally very small because the strap aMilan shirtwas born to be minimal, so the closure will be equally essential.

Once this is identified, apply pressure with the screwdriver by levering upwards, until it is lifted (on the arrow side). Adjust the Milanese mesh watch strap and then snap it shut, without the help of any tool but by exercising onestrong pressurewith the fingers.

In the photo from my Instagram, you can see how simple it is to operate theadjustment of the watch strapboth in Milanese mesh and bracelet.

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