IdeeGreen with MSC for fish sustainability

IdeeGreen with MSC for fish sustainability

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The exploitation of marine resources beyond any reasonable criterion sustainability it is an increasingly serious and widespread problem.

To identify overfishing relative to the maximum limit of fish that can be fished without threatening the presence of a particular species, the term "overfishing" is used: a concept we risk hearing about more and more often and especially in our dear Mediterranean Sea where over 90% of fish stocks are subject to overfishing.

Italy is moving towards more sustainable consumption but much remains to be done.

Based on research by Marine Stewardship Council in 2016 94% of Italians regularly consume fish products and luckily a good percentage of them, 77%, believe that it is necessary to choose sustainable products to protect the health of the oceans.

However, it is important that this percentage continue to grow and for this reason IdeeGreen is pleased to support the new MSC communication campaign aimed at explaining to consumers the importance of consuming seafood products from sustainable fishing.

The MSC campaign will be launched on various channels: web and in particular social media, TV, cinema and billboards, on the streets and on means of transport.

The real protagonists of the campaign in favor of fish sustainability will be the consumers, called to have their say and to talk about themselves through social media: by publishing videos, photos and texts that through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will create a network of contents, all accompanied by the hashtag #tienidocchioilblu, which will tell memories, experiences, anecdotes and feelings related to the sea.

In support of the campaign there will also be messages from various personalities from the world of television, science, sports or the web: Lisa Casali, environmental scientist and food writer, and Fabrizio Ferrari, starred chef, both MSC ambassadors, will pave the way for other contributions from well-known faces who, through videos, images and words, will populate social media talking about their love for blue and the importance of the sea in their lives.

MSC will also be at the cinema with "Keep an eye on the blue", An emotional video in which images related to the sea and the kitchen create an enveloping atmosphere that embraces the spectators, making them feel immersed in the vastness of the ocean.

A poetic text accompanies suggestive shots that communicate the power and vitality of the sea. Here is the video:

The message of MSC it will also resonate on the streets of Milan: through graffiti made with ecological white and blue paints, which, applied directly to the asphalt in various areas of the city, will invite passers-by to "not step on the oceans"; and a completely blue tram (you can see it in the opening photo of this article) it will remind citizens that “even in the city you can do a lot for the oceans”, and that what happens in the sea affects everyone, without distinction.

Each of us must be aware that it can contribute to the health of the oceans by making sustainable purchasing choices.

Who is MSC Italia

Marine Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization founded in 1997 based in London and with over 20 offices around the world, including Italy.

MSC works for the conservation of marine resources together with scientists, researchers and international experts in the fisheries sector.

The blue label MSC sustainable fishing indicates that the products:

- They come from an independently certified fishing company, on a scientific basis, following the MSC standard for the environmental sustainability of fishing.

- They are traceable and traceable to a sustainable supply.

To date, 1 out of 12 fish that end up on our tables comes from sustainable fishing based on MSC standard. Certified fish is in fact about 12% of the entire world catch, for a total of 25,000 products on the market. There are over 300 MSC-certified fishermen in over 30 states and membership of the program is constantly increasing.

In its third year of activity in Italy, MSC counts 600 certified products in the peninsula and more than 30 partners among the main companies in the fishing sector.

Video: Making sense of environmental labels on your seafood in the US (July 2022).


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