Faglia di Sant'Andrea: what it is and map

Faglia di Sant'Andrea: what it is and map

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Faglia di Sant’Andrea, the most famous and certainly not new fault, It was identified for the first time in the part located in Northern California, over a century ago, in 1895 by Andrew Lawson, professor of geology at the University of Berkeley. Why Sant’Andrea? Because of the Laguna de San Andreas, a small lake located in the valley formed by the fault just south of San Francisco

Faglia di Sant’Andrea: map

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San Andreas Fault California

In the USA it is called San Andreas Fault and it is a transcurrent fault with right movement. It was discovered in Northern California but also extends to other areas for a total of about 1300 km, between the North American plate and the Pacific plate. Looking at the map with an expert eye you can see that it joins the converging margin of Cascadia with the divergent one of Gulf of California. Even non-experts know it because earthquakes with truly devastating effects have been recorded in its vicinity.

Faglia di Sant’Andrea: earthquakes

Of all the earthquakes around the Faglia di Sant’Andrea they have devastated villages and natural areas, there are three that in particular have remained in history. That of the 1857, by Fort Tejon, with epicenter just south of Parkfield, with only 2 victims but with an estimated magnitude of 8.0.

Then there is the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, near San Francisco, with 3,000 victims, of magnitude 8.3, after which Lawson discovered that the worst damage had been created in the southern part of California, near Los Angeles, where most of the energy had accumulated. Much more recent the third most "known" earthquake of the history of the Faglia di Sant'Andrea, that in 1989, in Santa Cruz, of magnitude 7.1 and 63 dead as well as much damage in the San Francisco Bay area.

One of the areas most generally hit by earthquakes, of medium or high intensity, is Parkfield. They occurred precisely in this area, numerous earthquakes at regular intervals, in 1857, 1881, 1901, 1922, 1934 and 1966. The 1993 one has "jumped", has slipped to 2004 but this dramatic frequency has made Parkfield one of the most popular places in the world in which to try to predict and record large earthquakes. It is no coincidence that the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD)

Faglia di Sant'Andrea: characteristics

Going to study this fault, it can be divided into 3 parts: southern, central and northern.
The northern part runs from Hollister up to near Chief Mendocino, marks a geologically unstable area because there is a subduction of the plate Juan de Fuca, both under the Pacific plate (to the west) and under the North American plate (to the north).

The southern part of the Faglia di Sant’Andrea starts at the Salton Sea, curves towards the San Bernardino Mountains to continue towards San Gabriel Mountains. It is the most analyzed area, especially because near Palmdale the two crust clods are clearly visible and form the Big Bend (the big bend).

The central part is the one that includes also Parkfield and goes all the way to Hollister but beyond Parkfield, it is not an area too hit by earthquakes, it is considered asismic.

Faglia di Sant'Andrea in Gardaland

Technology enthusiasts, looking for thrills but without too much risk, can experience an earthquake from Faglia di Sant’Andrea in the most famous amusement park in Italy, Gardaland, which to keep its fame high, and its income, for the new season proposes among the many innovations, too a trip to Los Angeles in 4D and on the theme of the earthquake. Not just any earthquake, one that only a major fault can cause.

For the 2018 season, those who go to Gardaland can find, inside Time Voyagers, a 15-minute 4-D version of the blockbuster film "San Andreas", produced by Warner Bros. We are in California, Los Angeles, immersed in an adrenaline-filled adventure, in the midst of an earthquake on the Sant'Andrea fault. Specifically, the story told in this quarter of an hour of terror, sees as the protagonist a couple of parents who, while the earth trembles, must save their children between collapsing buildings and all kinds of disasters that a powerful earthquake causes.

For those who prefer not to think and not to live this type of experience, there are others much more serene like those of the new one area dedicated to the heroin of many children, Peppa Pig. Those who want to get closer to technology but without earthquakes and away from the Faglia di Sant’Andrea, can download the new app, Adrenaline Powered People (APP), to become a sort of secret agent in charge of finding a series of objects scattered in the park. It is somewhat reminiscent of Pokemon Go and can be a fun, innovative and non-passive treasure hunt.

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