Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018

Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018

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Mobility Conference Exhibition, this 2018, coming soon, is the fifteenth edition, also organized by Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza and Brianza and Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi is increasingly attentive to the present and future of the sector.

These two days of meetings, the March 13 and 14, in Milan, are the perfect opportunity to collect and present proposals from companies, large or newborn, who will be able toimprove rail and local public transport services in and around Milan. The two days ahead aims not only to photograph the current situation but above all to obtain specific commitments on these issues from policy makers.

Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018: first day

It starts on March 13, in the Assolombarda headquarters in via Pantano 9, with the opening conference of the Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018 in which interventions are planned to frame the Milanese situation and examine the proposals for improvement that can be implemented in practice. Among the speakers Mario Castaldo, President of the Transport, Logistics and Infrastructures Group Assolombarda Confindustria Milan Monza and Brianza e Roberto Zucchetti, to broaden the vision internationally.

A round table moderated by Luca Orlando, sent by Il Sole 24 Ore, with the closing of Arianna Censi, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Milan, and of Giuseppe Fontana, Vice President of Infrastructure for Logistics and Transport Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza and Brianza

Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018: second day

On 14 March the headquarters of the Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018 it will be Palazzo Mezzanotte which is preparing to host a "show" in 4 acts: Future Storming, Business Speed ​​Date, Tandem Meeting and Exhibition. The day is dedicated to startups and companies in the sector divided into 4 specific categories: SuperINTERACTION, SuperSERVICES, SuperCLEANTECH and SuperENTERPRISE. He will take part in the intense second day of Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018 Marco Granelli, Milan City Councilor for Mobility and Environment.

Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018: startup focus

The startup protagonists of the Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018 are the winners of the call for ideas always split into 4 sectors and which sees 4 lists of winners. For the sector SuperCleantech we find HYDEP, a mini hydrogen refueling station, modular, IATIAT capable of transforming waste materials in products of "Smart mobility", NE.M.E.SYS, a high-performance reversible hybrid fuel-cell with incorporated hydrogen storage, also self-producing, and PHONONIC VIBES modular micro-structures engineered to reduce mechanical vibrations and noise.

For the category SuperEntreprise the mobile IoT SaaS platform MGH SYSTEMS was chosen, which connects machines and humans, MOBIIX, specialized in sensors and extended traceability systems, SIWEGO, committed to putting in contact "who has to ship with who wants to transport", and SMART ROBOTS, a robotic assistant who sees, thinks and supports us at work.

Among the startups that in the Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018 will present themselves for the category SuperInteraction there are ARGO VISION, with its sensors smart and free parking, DIFLY, drone for the safe transport of blood, organs and urgent medicines, EASY RAIN, the first safety device for vehicles that prevents aquaplanning phenomenon, and WRIGGLE SOLUTIONS with its SMART Tire that monitors tires by measuring wear and damage.

The fourth category of the call for ideas was that for "SuperServices"In which 2045 TECH excelled with its solutions for the elimination of road and work accidents caused by bad habits, BUSFORFUN, to reach events in company and with a click, RUBIK, dedicated to plane passengers that have to endure travel inconveniences, and WASH OUT, an app washes cars and motorcycles directly on the road.

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