Sport for all with reduced environmental impact

Sport for all with reduced environmental impact

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Press Day "Mare e Monti" where I was able to discover the new products of the brands Decathlon dedicated to sport is outdoor activities.

The philosophy is to offer quality products at a price that is affordable for everyone without forgetting to minimize the environmental impact.

In fact, Decathlon continues with the project launched in 2009 byenvironmental label (Eco-labeling) which contains all the information on the environmental impact of a product or service, using specially created texts, logos and symbols.

By the end of 2018, Decathlon has set itself the goal of equipping 100% of its products with an environmental label and by 2020 it has set itself the goal of using sustainably produced cotton in 100% of its products.

The second fundamental concept introduced is that ofEco-Ideation, or designing or redefining a product (or service) by reducing the environmental impact on one or more stages of its life cycle, maintaining (and improving) the quality and performance of its use functions. Each phase of a product's life cycle thus becomes the subject of a multi-criteria analysis of the impact generated on the environment.

The communication of these activities to the customer has the aim of encouraging him to a more responsible consumption so as to contribute to the protection of the environment.

As regards the brands, the aim was to differentiate the lines starting from the purpose of the products in relation to the activities to be carried out.

Quechua is the Decathlon brand dedicated to products designed for mountain excursions (Mountain Hiking), in nature (Nature Hiking), in speed (Fast Hiking) and on the snow (Snow Hiking).

The new brand Forclaz it is instead dedicated to offering ideal products for the Trekking and the Backpacking, with multi-day mountain hikes and itinerant trips.

Among the novelties that struck me most about Forclaz, I point out the products designed specifically for Desert Trekking.

In the following image you can see 3 products with an incredible quality / price ratio:

  • theDesert 500 men's trousers, made of UPF50 fabric, for maximum UV protection, perforated pockets to prevent sand accumulation, watertight "storm" pocket, ideal for iPhones and light and retractable gaiters to attach to shoes to prevent sand from entering in the same. Price 24.99 Euros.
  • the Desert 500 shoes in breathable fabric, weighing only 900 grams (for an average shoe size 43) and with integrated gaiters to minimize the entry of sand. Price 30.99 euros.
  • THE Desert 500 gloves made of UPF> 40 fabric, with touch inserts to use the smartphone and small silicone patches to favor a good grip of objects. Price 7.99 euros.

The new proposals are also very interesting Quechua including the two products that struck me most:

  • there Helium 500 fast hiking shoe made with EVOFIT technology, to ensure good support, whatever the shape of the foot, Crosscontact sole for a perfect grip on the ground and full EVA cushioning with double thickness insole. All this technology to ensure maximum comfort and top performance has been enclosed in a very light product: only 314 grams for a shoe size 42. Price 59.99 Euro (!).
  • the SH 500 fleece made of stretch fabric (11% Elastane) and shaped cut to offer maximum freedom of movement and minimum wind resistance. The semi-elastic cuffs with
    thumb loop and hood provide optimal protection from cold and wind. The ventilated areas in the back and on the chest promote perspiration during the efforts. 3 zipped pockets for smartphones and other valuables. Weight 299 grams. Price 39.99 Euro (!!).

The Helium 500 shoe ideal for Fast Hiking

The FH 500 fleece

The "Mare e Monti" press day was an opportunity to also see new products, both in the clothing and equipment sectors, for sports activities to be carried out by the sea.

Among the sports that I have not yet tried but that I have on my "to do list" there is certainly the SUP (Stand up Paddle), a variant of surfing which, however, includes a board designed specifically for paddling while standing.

Also try the Easybreath snorkel mask designed with an innovative mouthpiece to be able to breathe even with the nose and enjoy a wider view than those of normal masks. This mask is definitely an excellent product to introduce even children to snorkeling! Price 24.99 Euros.

For more information on these and many other products or to buy directly you can visit the official

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