How to cut tall grass

How to cut tall grass

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How to cut tall grass in the garden o in the garden: useful tools for cutting by hand and advice on how to cut tall grass with a brush cutter or motorized machines.

When a plot of land is abandoned for some time, nature takes its course and the soil is covered with a large number of wild herbs. This happens to those who are luckier: do not see the mission of cleaning the garden from tall weeds as a punishment, indeed! You were lucky, those tall grasses have preserved the quality of the soil by protecting you from erosion and from excessive hardening of the sod. Do you think that when thegardenor a piece of land is abandoned for several years, you run the risk of seeing it covered with brambles full of thorns. In short, it is much easiercut tall grass in the gardenrather than extricating oneself among stony clods and thorny plants.

How to cut tall grass in the garden

Forcut tall grassyou can use a large number of agricultural tools, manual or automatic. Typically, forcut tall grassmotorized mowers are used such as:

  • cut everything
  • flail mowers

Then there are those who make an atypical use of other tools such as:

  • grass trimmer
  • tractor (must have a special shredder)

Please note, I told you that the use of a tractor or a brush cutter to remove tall grass from the vegetable garden or garden is not very appropriate. The reason? The tractor or the brush cutter in this case must be very powerful and not only. Tall grass prevents you from seeing the soil you work on and your safety is at stake.

Before trying tocut or remove tall grass with a tractor or brush cutter, be sure to follow all possible precautions to ensure maximum safety.

How to cut tall grass with the brush cutter

Typically, the brush cutter is used for lawn and garden labor to cut soft grass. With thecan brushcutter cut tall grass?Of course yes. Simply change the head you use and replace the two wires (those used for cutting lawn grass) with a notched disc.

When you are at work with yoursgrass trimmerequipped with a notched steel disc, also wears a protective face mask, grass residues or pebbles could jump off the ground at high speed. Protect yourself better!

If you want with the brush cuttercut brambles, spines and shrubsdie hard, you can use a high quality tungsten disc or blade equipped. The Disc with blades can cut tall grass, shrubs, brambles, scrub and even reeds.

Where to buy the right blade for the cut to be made? At your trusted dealer or by taking advantage of the online purchase: “on this Amazon page” you can find many blades for brushcutters. Choose the one that best suits the type of use you will have to do with it.

How to cut tall grass with hand tools

If the plot of land is very small, then the possibility of cutting the grass by hand can be assumed. Alternatively, I suggest you read my article on how to choose the brushcutter, this tool, in fact, can be bought with very low costs. Excellent models are obtained with a cost of 150 euros, the market also offers lawn mowers and brushcutters from 40 - 50 euros but in this case they can cut borders, lawn and small weeds.

Here are two articles that may interest you:

  • Petrol brush cutter
  • Battery-powered brushcutter

There are also more performing mowers that allow you to cut tall grass. The hobby-type mowers have not very powerful powers and are bought with a budget of 100 - 400 euros.

If you really don't want to do without cutting by hand, you will have to go to an agricultural consortium and buy an old scythe, also in this case, alternatively, you can count on online sales: on "this Amazon page" the handle scythes are proposed long (recommended!) and with a short handle.

Machines for cutting tall grass: choppers and flail mowers

With these tools you can count on agricultural machines with an "important" cost and a safe yield.

For example, the price of a cutter ranges from 1,000 to 4,000 euros and depends a lot on the power. The engine can be from 4 to 12 hp.

The cost of a flail mower, on the other hand, starts at 2,000 euros and can exceed 6,000. The reason? The power of these machines is greater, starting from 8 horsepower up to 20 hp and present a gear transmission.

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