Sowing of succulents

Sowing of succulents

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Complete guide tosowing of succulents. How to collect and where to find seeds.

Multiplication of succulents

Thesucculent plantsyou can easilymultiplyforcutting, by division of the baskets or, in particular cases, by grafting. It is true, all the techniques just mentioned are valid for the multiplication of succulents, for example, for succulent plantsEpiphyllum, the division by baskets is easy and accessible to all ... however the most valid method forpropagation of succulentsremains theresowing. The reason? Sowing is the only method that allows to obtain a good genetic variability that will allow the adaptation of the species. What does it mean? What thesucculent plantsthey are not native to our climate and with the propagation by seedwe can get stronger plants from the mother specimen, more resistant to adversity than the already adult plants that the nursery generally imports from abroad.

Succulents seeds

THEsucculent plant seedsthey are easily found, you can buy them on Amazon as well as in specialized garden centers, and the seeds are much cheaper than adult plants. For example, you can buy a 100-seed sachet of fat plants with an investment of 5.40 euros (with shipping costs included in the price), on Amazon, for all the information I invite you to visitThis Page.

Although, as seen, isucculent plant seedsthey are easy to find and cheap, iseedsthe best ones are those that you harvest yourself, so if you have a friend with succulents, the best time to collect the seeds is just before the flowers wither. When a flower fades, it releases the seeds that are likely to be lost in the wind, to prevent this from happening, you can use paper bags and anchor them to the base of the flower if the succulent plant is large enough. The only condition is to choose healthy succulents that bloom easily: this makes you understand that the plant has already adapted well to our climate.

Sowing of succulents

How is thesowing of succulents? For convenience, you should use low and wide crates, special honeycomb containers or jars ... you can also use the strawberry crates, you will need to make drain holes. The containers for thesowing of succulentsthey must be shallow, at most 5 - 6 cm.

On the market you can find soil for succulents that, to adapt it to sowing, you will have to sift. The most suitable soil forsow succulentsit must bethin, that is given mainly by sand, lapillus, pumice or clay (vermiculite, bentonite ...) and permeable; if you use the classic soil for sowing or universal soil you make a big mistake for two reasons: this is too rich in organic matter (it is "fat"), moreover it has a pH too alkaline for thesucculent plants. The soil pH forsow succulentsit must be neutral or subacid, ie between 7 and 6, at the time of purchase make sure the soil has these characteristics ... otherwise you can prepare the soil yourself. Like? Mix river sand (3 - 6 mm grain size) with leaf earth (50% mixture) and use this soil tosow succulents.

Sowing period of succulents

The period of sowing succulentsdepends on the type of intervention!

When to sow succulents?

  • Always, if you wantsow succulents indoorswhere the temperature is controlled, in a heated greenhouse or in a small seedbed on the veranda.
  • If you wantsow outdoors, you can act from April onwards. Between April and May you can sow in full sun while between June and July the sowing should be placed in a bright but not excessively hot place.

How to sow succulents?

  1. Prepare a container with a maximum depth of 5 - 6 cm.
  2. On the bottom, put some kitchen paper and a 1 cm layer of coarse sand, you will need it for drainage.
  3. Fill the container with potting soil for planting succulents.
  4. Drop the very small seeds on the soil (some succulents see very small seeds) so as to spread them evenly. After planting, loosen the soil slightly using your fingertips (or a wooden board!) To cover the seeds.

When the seeds are larger, for thesowing of succulentsyou will have to bury them as you would any other plant: that is, covering the seed with an amount of soil equal to its size.

After planting, lightly moisten the soil with a fine mist.

Please note: the ideal temperature for makinggerminate the seeds of succulentsit is around 20 - 25 ° C.

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