How to order the wardrobe and drawers

How to order the wardrobe and drawers

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How to order the wardrobe: tricks and ideas to always keep the wardrobe tidy, save space and not wrinkle clothes.

Fororder the wardrobeyou need 5 requirements:

  1. clear ideas about what clothes you don't wear
  2. a vacuum bag
  3. non-slip hangers
  4. smart boxes
  5. patience and rationality

Yes, rationality is a fundamental requirement: it doesn't seem a bitcrazykeep that dress you haven't been wearing for years? It's true, it's hard to part with something, especially if you live with the hope of improving your physical shape so that one day you can wear it! Ok, your first assignment is this:

1) Make a selection of the garments you don't wear and divide them into two categories, the clothes you will never wear (to be used for the collection of used clothes) and the essential ones, which maybe one day you plan to wear. These clothes only weigh on your closet and make your life more difficult ... maybe it's your attachment to the past that doesn't make you progress;) if you really don't want to throw them away, put them in a vacuum bag and put them in the closet. Make room in your closet.

Once you have done the first sorting, completely empty the wardrobe and give it a good clean: clean all the surfaces, even the vertical ones, the horizontal pole where hangers are hung, the cabinet ceiling, handles, drawers ... everything! Empty and clean. This way you will have a clear idea of ​​the amount of clothes you want to keep and store and the space you have available. Here, too, you will have to appeal to your rationality: if the wardrobe is small and there are many clothes, keeping it tidy will be a difficult task and you will have to consider moving something to a chest or elsewhere.

2) Separate clothing by category. Take advantage of this opportunity totidy up the drawersas well as ordering the wardrobe. Based on the number of drawers and the space available, choose 3 or more different macro categories (sportswear, underwear, formal wear, everyday wear…).

A tidy wardrobeit allows you to always have everything at hand and if you need a tank top or evening dress, you won't have to look in the same place.

3) Make sure you have the right accessories forkeep the wardrobe in order. What does it mean? Count the hangers, eliminate the bulky ones, eliminate the inefficient hangers ... if necessary, buy non-slip and space-saving hangers. Atidy wardrobemust be able to rely on ad hoc aids.

If in the upper part of the wardrobe, you can create an area only for shirts, on the lower level you can place containers or create a space dedicated to boxes for bags or other accessories. If the jackets or shirts are too long, do not put anything on the base: the clothes must not touch and fold at the bottom of the wardrobe otherwise they will wrinkle and get damaged.

In addition to the smart hangers and boxes, consider buying shelves (if your wardrobe allows it), the shelves can be very useful for storing wallets and bags.

The photo above shows some very useful storage boxes: they allow you to keep the drawers organized by separating, pair by pair, socks, ties, panties, bras, scarves or other small accessories. There are also bigger ones, born fororder the bags in the closetbut… if the bags are bulky, you'd better hang them or create a shelf.

Boxes, shelves and hangers can be found in housewares, household items, DIY stores but also by taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon, for example, a set made up of 4 boxes like those in the photo above can be bought at a price of 16.29 euros (with free shipping), for all the information I refer you to the dedicated page: 4 boxes for accessories.

On the market there is no shortage of cubes and boxes but generally they are voluminous, therefore not suitable for those who have asmall wardrobe.

How to order the wardrobe and drawers

Fortidy up the wardrobe and keep drawers and cupboards in order, you can also use DIY space-saving strategies but these may not apply to all clothes.

For example, they often recommendroll up the stitchesinstead of folding them, but in reality, many fabrics (especially winter ones) risk wrinkling easily and moreover it becomes more difficult to find the right sweater and you end up with a tangle of clothes. Actually, the traditional way of folding shirts or clothes is right… only they should be placed vertically and not horizontally. In this way, the shirts are easy to identify and extract, leaving everything in order.

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