Agility Dog: how to get started

Agility Dog: how to get started

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Agility dog, how to get started: advice on the equipment to buy and the creation of aobstacle courseto set up in your own garden.

Is calleddog agilitybut, here in Italy, we call it "agility dog": it is a canine-sporting activity that aims to improve the physical prowess of the four-legged friend and his relationship with his owner.

Although there areStingraymore prepared, according to the FCI regulation (International Cynological Federation), it is a discipline open to alldog breeds. Do you have a dog and want to start this discipline? Know that everything is based on the principle of obedience. If your dog is naughty and has never been trained, you will have to sweat a lot before he can complete apath!

Agility dog: how to get started

Everypathis different, so to start you can start with a complete path that includes all the basic activities, what are they?

  • Slalom
  • High jump
  • Jump into the circle
  • Tunnel

Arrange thepathso that the dog can make at least one U-turn. Another thing is the position of the obstacles: in competitions, the dogs find themselves with two obstacles very close together and must know which one to choose in order to follow a predefined map. In this case, the position of the handler will also make the difference (the owner who undertakes to accompany the dog in theagility dog).

If your dog has never been trained and you yourself, with previous dogs, have never participated in dog activities, we recommend that you contact a local association. In every city there are training centers that offer goodpath for agility dogand many tips on how to train the dog.

Completing a dog agility course is a team effort!How to get started?The dog must be able to understand its "handler". So he must understand the human body language and voice commands.

The handler, approaching the dog, directs it by giving voice commands and body language (position of the arms, position of the feet and shoulders). Start from these basics and only then can you aim for accuracy and speed.

Agility dog: equipment to start

If you have a lawn, you are already halfway there: you are equipped with the ideal environment to create aagility dog ​​courseperfect!

The route must be on a soft surface (rubber, grass, sand ...), asphalt or concrete must be avoided. In these cases, buy rolls of lawn to set up thepath.

you can buy professional equipment or improvise a DIY route, just to get started. Forto startin fact, the dog must become familiar with obstacles and commands.

For the slalom, you can take road cones (you can buy them with a few euros) from displacement on a straight line. Alternatively you can use colored broom handles or, if you really prefer, buy the special calibrated plastic rods.

The distance between the various elements of the slalom must be decided according to the size of the dog.

On the market, for slalom, there are boards with guides to keep in the early stages of training. The guides will allow the dog to follow precise trajectories, so as to perform a perfect and rapid slalom.

The high jump can be achieved with a broomstick placed at the intersection of two wooden trestles fixed in the ground. The height is determined based on the size of the dog. Also in this case, on the market there are several obstacles that allow the dog to train in this discipline.

The rim, another evergreen of anydog agility courseyou can make it from an old hula-hop fixed to two wooden planks. We do not recommend the use of tires as they are much more double than the classic tools used in competitions.

The tunnel is certainly the "easiest to find" tool: for a few euros you can buy an extendable tunnel for children, and anchor it to the ground for training your dog. Baby hoses, however, are only good for medium-sized dogs, they are not suitable for small dogs and large dogs.

You can make adog agility coursedo it yourself with the suggestions seen but, if you are more demanding or want to make apathmore complete, you can buy professional tools or kits online. At “this Amazon page“, in addition to those listed, you will also find other obstacles. The cost varies according to the materials used: professional equipment charges but it is a necessary expense if your intention is to participate in high-level competitions.

Please note: before any sporting activity, it is always advisable to subject the dog to veterinary visits.

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