Phrases about cold

Phrases about cold

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Sometimes one avoids pronouncing words phrases about cold because you think that by talking about it you can hear it more. It may be, but the opposite effect could also apply: what if we end up talking about it to feel less? We just have to try to understand how our mind and body react. So here is a rundown of phrases about cold to write or declaim.

Phrases about cold

Let's see how the cold is told by the voice of some famous characters. I find myself in Confucius's sentence but the others are also suggestive

It is in the coldest moment of the year that the pine and cypress, the last to lose their leaves, reveal their tenacity. (Confucius)

The day gets cold towards evening ... Drink the warmth from my hand, my hand has the same blood as spring. (Edith Södergran)

Just as this hunger of ours is not the sensation of someone who has skipped a meal, so our way of being cold would require a particular name. We say "hunger", we say "tiredness", "fear" and "pain", we say "cold", and they are other things. They are free words, created and used by free men who lived, enjoying and suffering, in their homes. If the camps had lasted longer, a new harsh language would have been born (Primo Levi, "If this is a man")

Phrases about the cold of the heart

The cold is not only what you feel on the skin or in the bones, there is also a type of cold that invades the heart even if it is 30 degrees outside in the shade. Let's see how our men of culture talk about it.

I want to go south, where the cold doesn't crouch like a snow leopard waiting to pounce on us. (DH Lawrence)

Better to stay out in the cold than in the warmth of renunciation. (Beno Fignon)

The voice of the flesh is: don't be hungry, don't be thirsty, don't be cold. Those who have these things can compete in happiness even with Zeus. (Epicurus)

Phrases about cold that make you laugh

In order not to think about the cold as well as talk about it, let's try to play down that very often it is the best solution. Here are three sentences that help us do that.

Today I went to a bar I asked for something warm and they gave me a coat (Groucho Marx)

Sweater: garment worn by the child when his mother feels cold. (Ambrose Bierce)

It was so cold that I saw a politician with his hands in his pockets. (Henny Youngman)

Funny cold phrases

We continue to laugh and smile with three other pungent phrases about the cold that could also be called puns.

I will always reject the Nobel Prize because it's cold in Sweden. (Alda Merini)

Dog-loving oddities: from the heat wave to the cold dog. (Carlo Ferrario)

We lived in a house so cold that my father waited for a fever of 41 to warm his hands. (Franco Neri)

It's crazy cold outside; all the roads are frozen. Coming here, I spun three times. And I was on foot. (Paolo Burini)

Weather: Italy in the blackbird up to the neck. (Lia Celi)

Phrases about the cold of winter

There are also phrases about the cold that simply describe the climate of a season, the winter, which many hate but some love, I do not mind at all, despite being cold I appreciate many aspects of the cold season, first of all the hot teas. and reading by the fireplace, chocolates at the bar and woolen scarves around the neck.

Everything was frozen, even the noise. (Jules Verne)

It was winter. It was in the evening. The cold was freezing. Black ice covered the streets. The air thick with grayish frost stung, stung. The numb faces of passers-by emerged from the fog. (Boris Pasternak)

All the poplars had color and bell tremors: it was cold and round The sky of sadness. (Pablo Neruda)

It was so cold that, in the morning, when we talked among us workers, the words, as soon as they came out of our mouths, froze in the air so much that we didn't hear the slightest noise. (Mauro Corona)

Look at the snow that whitens all the Soratte and the trees that groan at its weight, the rivers congealed in the grip of the frost. Melt this cold, Taliarco, and add wood to the hearth; then pours old wine from a Sabine amphora. Leave the rest to the gods. (Horace)

Phrases about cold and love

Very often a feeling of cold is associated with a lack of love. It is a possible interpretation, in fact, between two lovers who are arguing, it can happen to say "but you are cold with me".

Dress in love and you will never feel cold. Anonymous

Woman who does not feel pain when the cold reaches her heart. (My Martini)

The cold is growing. Winter is setting its feet in the meadow. How cold our sun burns! It could be said that its rays of light are splinters of snow. (Payne Roman)

It is never as cold as when there is no one to warm you. (Francesco Roversi)

Our life should be simple and spontaneous like the seasons, with the cold of winter, the warmth of spring, the heat of summer and the sweetness of autumn. (Romano Battaglia)

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