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Under the slogan "BODY ENERGY FOOD ENERGY", the appointment for the third edition of the "Health in the Plate" event is for the next November 18, from 10.30 to 19, at the Novotel Milano Nord Ca'Granda, in viale Suzzani, 13, in Milan. Free admission, with online registration on the official website of the event conceived by Rossella de Focatiis with the format "Know. The Taste of Knowledge“.

The central theme of the event will be the food that becomes superfood thanks to the combination of nature and innovative medicine, but always based on science.

Nutritionists, doctors, natural food experts and cooking enthusiasts will reveal the secrets for an optimal diet and a correct lifestyle, able to prevent or partially counteract the onset of certain diseases and degenerations of the general state of health. and in any case to promote well-being, at any age.

The importance of including fruit, vegetables, legumes and cereals (preferably whole grains) in our diet will be explained from a scientific point of view, then passing through moments of show cooking to concretely demonstrate how healthy and delicious dishes can be cooked at the same time.

The importance of taking care of the details of nutrition will be explained, analyzing and explaining what natural foods, supplements, today "so trendy" but to be taken with knowledge of the facts and superfoods can offer.

At the event, in a special corner market, you can also buy on-site products such as fresh fruit and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, rice, honey and much more. The products will also be offered in perfect packaging for a Christmas gift to your loved ones.

There will also be gifts offered by sponsors! :-)

Speakers, chefs and guests at La Salute nel Piatto

Speakers: Vasco Merciardi, Marco Missaglia, Alessandro Scorba, Piergiorgio Spaggiari, Claudio Viacava, Anna Villarini, Edy Virgili

Chef: Dario Beluffi, Paola Bertini, Claudio Di Dio, Tiziana Vitale

Guests: Silvia Criscione, Marcello Ghiselli, Manuela Ravaglioli present at the event to present parkrun and the benefits of fitness

Our website will also be present at the event to explain the benefits that moderate but constant physical activity can provide to the body and mind.

We will invite you to participate in the free and non-competitive event, but timed and complete with a ranking, which we sponsor nationally: parkrun. A 5 km run / walk to meet new friends and reach or improve your fitness, with appointment every Saturday morning at 8.45 in Viale Suzzani 283, a few meters from the entrance to the beautiful North Park.

Online registration on the official website where you will discover that in Italy, in addition to the Milanese event, a dozen other events are already active in as many parks located in many Italian cities such as Rome, Florence, Palermo, Padua, Treviso, Lucca and in other smaller but perhaps even more fascinating locations such as Rimini, Mount Etna, Montelepre and Salento.

With us, in our stand, coaches and specialists from the world of fitness and physiotherapy will be present in rotation with many proposals dedicated to pursuing and maintaining physical well-being.

One of my runs at the parkrun in Milan Parco Nord

The organizers of “La Salute nel Piatto”: RDF Communication

RDF Communication is a Milanese agency specializing in the design and implementation of events and conferences. To his credit he has over 25 years of experience in Rome and Milan, with a particular vocation in the medical - scientific, cultural and food and wine sectors. It offers turnkey complete on and offline projects of integrated communication, brand identity, press office. Official site:

With RDF our IdeeGreen S.r.l. Benefit Society has entered into a media partnership agreement aimed at creating a collaboration to propose events related to the theme of Psychophysical Wellbeing and Sustainability to their respective readers, partner companies and collaborators.

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