Grow giant strawberries

Grow giant strawberries

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The varieties of giant strawberries that can be grown in pots or in the garden. Where to find plants and seeds and how to best care for them. How much does the largest giant strawberry in the world weigh.

Who loves the strawberries should not miss the opportunity to grow them on the balcony or in the garden. There are strawberries with rather captivating dimensions. This is the giant strawberry Maxim, the variety of the fragaria x Ananassa; the variety of giant strawberries it is semi-early and offers harvests from June to July. The giant strawberries they are fruits with firm, tasty and juicy pulp.

Giant strawberry

Imagine onegiant strawberrywith a diameter that can exceed that of an apricot. It is not a genetically modified fruit but giant strawberries "Gigantella Maxim ". This variety manages to produce fruits that can exceed 100 grams in weight. In short, if you have to prepare a recipe that asks you for 100 grams of strawberry, one will be enough, curious right ?!

Not onlyGigantella Maxim, in recent times other varieties of large-sized strawberries are spreading. There is no shortage of giant strawberries "four Seasons" that is, capable of flowering and therefore bearing fruit several times during the year: those who live in southern Italy, with this variety, will find themselves picking strawberries even in winter.

How much does the largest strawberry in the world weigh?
It is Japanese, it was selected in the Fukuoka nurseries and is a huge strawberry: it weighs 250 grams, about 8 centimeters high, 12 cm long and with a circumference between 25 and 30 cm. If in your garden you can grow a giant strawberry and weighing more than 250 grams, know that you could become the holder of the new Guinness Book of Records. Know, however, that such large specimens are only fortuitous cases, as well as being the result of careful crossings between flowers of different varieties.

How to grow giant strawberries

What does it take to grow giant strawberries?

  • Maxim giant strawberry seeds or other similar variety
  • A black plastic sheet (or a garbage bag)
  • Low nitrogen fertilizer
  • Light and humus-rich soil

Here's how to proceed to cultivation:

  • Make sure the soil is well moist but also very drained
  • Spread a black plastic sheet on the ground, perforated in the points where the seedlings of will be planted gigantella maxim strawberries. In this way, the seedlings will benefit from greater heating.
    The plastic sheet will also prevent weeds from developing.
  • Plant the strawberries in parallel rows about 40cm apart.
    The distance between each plant should be about 30 cm.
  • Water immediately after planting
  • Fertilize the plants in early spring.
    Choose a liquid fertilizer so as to facilitate application.
  • The gigantella maxim strawberries they can also be grown in pots or in flower boxes, the important thing is to maintain the distance parameters between one plant and another.

The strawberries they must be consumed immediately after harvest. After harvesting, they don't last long and risk losing their freshness in the refrigerator, you can freeze them or use them for the preparation of jams.

Strawberries are very healthy and contain calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B and C.

What about growing giant potted strawberries?

The care to be devoted to the plants is identical. Choose a porous pot with a diameter of 30 cm. Fill it with fertile soil. In the case of growing in pots, you can anticipate sowing in February, indoors, and then move the plant outside only when it is well developed and the temperatures have increased (mid-March).

Giant strawberry plants

If you are looking for plants orgiant strawberry seedsyou can contact your consortium of trust even if, frankly, these varieties are rather difficult to find. Those who have the opportunity could purchase different varieties of giant strawberries in order to compare their yield in the field. As stated, these are rather "young" varieties so the yields in terms of germination or harvest could be low. For this reason, we recommend buying and sowing in excess.

At “this Amazon page” you can find several seeds ofgiant strawberry plants.

Please note: whether they are giants or not, sowing must be done in soft soil and fertilizations must be very thoughtful. The fertilizer for strawberries, in fact, must not be too rich in nitrogen otherwise the strawberries will be watery and not very tasty. It is true that the large strawberries they are beautiful to look at, but for a tasty result you shouldn't overdo it with nitrogen and choose a specific fertilizer for fruit herbs.

Climbing giant strawberries

Are there giant climbing strawberries? No, or rather, there are varieties of climbing strawberries but these cannot reach the sizes mentioned above. Betweenkinds of strawberry, those climbing plants can be very fascinating, especially for those who want to grow on the balcony and intend to take advantage of a bit of its railing to provide support for the climbing plant.

Cultivation in free pots requires one or more tutors. We point out that climbing strawberries have indeterminate growth and therefore difficult to manage in windy places. Thereclimbing strawberriesthey must be grown in positions sheltered from the wind.

For the cultivation of climbing strawberriescan be useful: how to grow strawberries

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