How to clean copper from pots and various objects

How to clean copper from pots and various objects

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How to clean copper: a guide that will allow you to perform carefullycopper cleaning, from coins to pots. The most suitable products and natural remedies that do not damage this metal.

For clean copper of pots and objects you can safely use a do-it-yourself detergent. Easy to prepare, but be aware that del DIY detergent to clean copper There are several 'recipes' that vary depending on the type of object to be cleaned: copper pots, jewelry, bas-reliefs, coins, etc ... All the recipes you find below work well, but for an excellent result the right solution must be chosen.

The real problem arises when thecopperit is very dirty or if the encrustations have been stratified for years. If you intend to clean a very old and encrusted copper object, it may be wiser to use specific products. Forclean copper, use natural remedies first, in case of failure, switch to the hard way! Let's see all the details.

How to clean copper pots

For clean copper pots, eliminating unsightly spots greenish you can use a pasta made from 4 parts of normal white flour (use the soup spoon as a unit of measurement) and a part of fine salt. Dilute the ingredients with a little white vinegar to form a soft paste and rub the pots with a clean cloth.

At the end, rinse and ... if the green spots on the copper were not enriched by other incrustations, the copper pot it will be clean and shiny. If the operation fails perfectly, you can use a solution by mixing bicarbonate and white vinegar.

In using thesenatural remedies to clean copperbe careful not to exert too much pressure: the salt is abrasive and can scratch the cookware. On the contrary, bicarbonate, being of a finer grain, is less abrasive but more tenacious.

Note, if the copper pans have a burnt bottom, you can follow the guide: how to clean burnt pans. The burnt copper pots can be recovered with a simple natural remedy based on coca cola. In this case, this solution is more effective than any product on the market.

How to clean copper objects

When there is a very worked object to clean, such as a copper plate in bas-relief, the problem is to reach the most hidden parts, which are always difficult to clean.

The solution is to use half a lemon sprinkled with salt as if it were a sponge, rubbing the surface of the object to be cleaned completely and then rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

Again, remember that salt is abrasive. If it is a valuable object, it is better to use pulverized salt, previously passed in a kitchen mixer. Why salt precisely? Because in addition to being abrasive and also corrosive, it corrodes dirt and eliminates it.

How to clean encrusted copper

If the copper objects from to clean are particularly dirty, you can solve the situation by rubbing the stains with a soft cloth or cotton wool that you have first soaked in hot red wine. Obviously, no vintage wine is needed, but not even the alcohol content must be too low because otherwise the cleaning power is lost. As an alternative to wine, you can use alcohol at room temperature, but in this case the object to be cleaned must be warm!

How to clean copper

Sixnatural remediessalt-based are not served much, or you do not wantto risk(as mentioned, the salt is abrasive) with more delicate objects, you can use copper polish.

In fact, on the market there are detergents and specific products forcopper cleaning. For the purchase, you can go to a DIY store, a hardware store or even the best-stocked supermarkets. Those who prefer can take advantage of online shopping where there is greater choice.

Among the various products on the market we point out theMauviel 1830 Copperbrill. Why did we report this cleaner? Why this pasta in addition toclean copperalso allows you todismiss him. With the first pass, in fact, the paste is able to eliminate dirt, even the most stubborn one, and with the second pass, it is able to polish the surface.

We tested the product on different copper objects: in the first case, an encrusted pot, and the result was excellent. The paste was also effective for remove green spots and black encrusted, on an ornamental copper jar, a rather ancient piece. On the contrary, it was only partially effective in eliminating layered dirt on an ancient copper coin.

The application is simple, the manufacturer recommends the use of a soft cloth. However, we recommend using it with the aid of a brush (or toothbrush!) In the case of objects with bas-reliefs. In our experience, we have tested the product on a surface rich in bas-reliefs and to make it effective it was necessary to use a soft bristle brush so as to reach even the most difficult surfaces and grooves.

The pasta mentioned can be bought on Amazon at a price of 17.61 euros with free shipping costs. For all information, please refer to the official Amazon page dedicated to the product: Mauviel 1830 Copperbrill - 150 gr.

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