How to build a gazebo

How to build a gazebo

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How to build a gazebo? You will be relieved to know that it is not difficult at all, although a minimum of DIY knowledge will still be required. In any case, try to follow our guide: step by step we will get to build a fantastic wooden gazebo with you. Ready?

How to build a gazebo: instructions, step by step, formake a DIY gazebousing material that is easy to find from the classic hardware store near the house. Useful tips even for the less experienced.

How to build a gazebo

Let's start with structure of the gazebo. Take four fairly solid poles, placing them in the corners of your gazebo: the height should be about 4 meters, the base about 10 x 10 centimeters. Push the stakes into the holes in such a way that they come out of the ground for 60-70%, then put some quick-setting concrete to fix them. The concrete should fill the hole 2/3 full, leaving the rest to the soil, only after the concrete has set.

Once this is done, mount some support beams (10 x 10 centimeters) to support the 3 closed sides of the gazebo. The beams must be placed perpendicularly more or less in the middle of the height, and in its final part. Then add the windows, to be placed between the support beams. Then cut the upper beams to join the posts to the roof and secure them solidly using bolts.

The roof of the gazebo do it yourself

So build the roof sloping gazebo, with beams in such a way that the two triangles are joined by the beam that crosses them. The angle should be 45 degrees. Then attach the roof beams by screwing the ends of the posts well.

At this point, try to paint the structure with the color you prefer and then add a roof covering, using corrugated aluminum or fiberglass. Make sure you can properly attach the roof to the structure.

How to make the walls of the gazebo

Take care of the walls of the gazebo. The simplest solution is certainly to use curtains, which you can therefore roll up on the poles when they are not needed, and drop them when you think it is appropriate to reserve more coverage from the light and more privacy.

Once this is done, customize your gazebo by adding the extras you prefer. For example, you can hang flower pots between the posts and the windows, or lights that will allow you to have a romantic atmosphere, or to be able to use the gazebo more fully even in the evening, when the natural light begins to fade. If you prefer, you can arrange some sofas, a table and chairs, or all the elements with which you think you can furnish your DIY gazebo more effectively.

Tips for making a wooden gazebo

As you can well imagine from our synthetic sharing of the last lines, build a gazebo it is not easy, and you will need a lot of manual skills with the use of tools and raw materials. However, with a little attention you can certainly create a work of great quality, getting the best satisfaction from something you have created with your own hands!

Having said that, don't forget that the gazebo must be taken care of in every detail… including the floor. Therefore, try to carefully evaluate how to make the walk inside the structure more comfortable: you can hypothesize garden tiles or bricks, in order to benefit - in any case - of a simple, economical, fast solution.

Secondly, we recommend that you be very careful when using the tools. You will likely need augers, drills, hammers, screws, bolts, paint, and more. In short, tools with which you can get hurt! So, especially if you don't have much experience in the field, always try to act with the utmost attention, wearing all the protective elements that you can easily find on the market.

Finally, we suggest you check whether or not it is necessary to have a permit to be able to build a gazebo. Even if it is an easily removable structure, in some cases it may be necessary to communicate the intention to build the gazebo to the Municipality or to the authorities concerned.

We hope, with this guide, we have provided you with some useful suggestions to be able to build a wooden gazebo in a practical and safe way: remember to act with particular attention and, if you have any doubts, share them with a DIY expert!

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